Scandi Table Runner

Well the hour went back today which is the ‘good’ way for me as it means I get up earlier without even trying! Consequently I managed to watch both Create and Craft Quilting programmes live!  I love the Sunday morning shows but I can never take advantage of the offers on screen as it’s usually Monday when I watch, which is, of course, a good thing for my bank balance!  However it’s still good to watch the demonstrations and learn techniques!  This morning I loved the rectangular scandi table runner and  circular scandi  table centre.  Both patterns were for sale but the patterns aren’t difficult and I decided to have a go by looking at the pictures on the website!

red and white cotton xmas type scandi fabric

mmm love new fabric!

Luckily I had some new scandi fabric from Abakhan which I have been trying to decide what to make with.  I love having new fabrics and dreaming of all the potential designs I could make and I seem to spend far too long at this stage instead of getting on with actually creating!   This is lovely fabric too – quite thick and easy to use in patchwork as it sort of stays still while you piece it – unlike my favourite Liberty Tana Lawn which is beautiful but flimsy.


But today wahoo –  I made a decision!  Here is my attempt at a Scandi table runner for Xmas!  It’s not finished – the binding is only sewn at the front edge at the moment.

Table Runner in Red, Cream and Green Scandi Fabrics

Xmas Table Runner

So one more thing nearly ready for the xmas fair!  I seem to have settled into a nice evening crochet habit recently, but tonight it’s over to Handmade Monday instead, for my evening stroll round all the lovely blogs over there!  Oh and thank you to everyone for the comments last week to help me in my quest for orderly yarn keeping! I am still working on it!


9 thoughts on “Scandi Table Runner

  1. I’m the same with new fabric – there’s just something quite special about the potential that a length of gorgeous fabric has. I love the table runner x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about new fabric. I spend ages scouring through my craft books picking out what I want to do, then I spend another age trying to decide on a favourite !!!

    Love the table runner xx

  3. What a great table runner! I might record that show for the hints and tips as well, I really want to get into patchwork and quilting. New fabric is wonderful isn’t it? I find that I buy new material that I adore but then I’m a bit loathe to actually use it – I just want to keep it to look at and touch!

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