Crochet-a-Long and a new project book!

I am very excited this week! I have started the Spice of Life Crochet-a-Long (CAL) run by Black Sheep Wools (you can see my blog post of my first visit to the shop here).  There is a Facebook page for the CAL which has lots of wonderful pictures of people’s blankets as they complete the first part. A new part is published on the BSW website each Tuesday.  I am slightly behind as I have only managed the first two rows but I will catch up soon.    I am also very excited this week because in perusing all the pictures last week I noticed some had a lovely looking project  book in the background in which they were recording their blanket progress. Facebook is wonderful for finding out stuff – of course I wasn’t the only one who liked the idea of a new project book and someone had already enquired in the comments as to where to get them! Quick bit of link-following and via the magic of PayPal I had ordered one. Today it arrived!

Crochet project book and two rows of crochet in Grape colour

Only two rows done but got my nice new project book

It’s published by Doodlestop – they make all sorts of wonderful accessories for knitting and crochet- the yarn holder is definitely on my present wish list! The WIP-0-PEDIA has some useful information at the beginning then the rest is printed pages with headwinds  for you to record your WiPs details, like yarn used and pattern source. As I never remember these things a couple of years down the line,  I intend to fill in all the details at the start of each new project as I tend to become bored and to start new projects before finishing the others 😀

And on that theme, here is my other WIP – summer blanket in cotton as I thought it would be more pleasant in the hot weather than crocheting with wool or acrylic.  This is the one I started on the day of my admission to hospital in early August for my Knee replacement.  The latter is also the reason why I haven’t got very far with it!

WIP-O-PEDIA book and a summer blanket in cotton yarn

My summer blanket – typically being finished in Autumn!

this too will now going to be recorded in my new book.  I’ve always loved new stationery so combining this with new crochet projects is just, well, perfect!

I should be able to have a good sized piece of CAL blanket to post next week as the pain from the surgery is much less now and I am starting to feel more ‘normal’ and able to do things without needing a nap every hour! Post surgery napping time is essential for recovery but really eats into your crochet time!

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Spring Feelings, Tea and Well-Being!

Ok well it’s now March and we can definitely say we’re entering Spring season!  (not today though as it’s very cold and rainy and very disappointing!). This last week however, has been noticeably warmer, and I was able to have the first mid morning cuppa in the garden!  Woo hoo!  Ok, I did have my warm jacket and boots on, but it was very pleasant when the sun was shining!  I love this time of year when I can get outside for a quiet cup of tea or coffee as it evokes the wonderful happy feeling I had when I first went part time at work at the beginning of April a few years back.  I remember sitting outside on a Wednesday morning and feeling so weird to be there on a work day, but with this creeping sense of peace and well-being.  Even though I am now full time at home and no longer going out to work I haven’t lost the excitement of the first few warm  weekdays at this time of year.

Of course I wish my health was better and I hadn’t had to give up in the way I did, or have the three lots of surgery, and still be in pain almost every day.  But – there is no point in dwelling on ‘what ifs’ – the only way forward is ‘what may be’ – to relish the good things about being at home and to recognise that in the eyes of other people, especially creative crafters, it must seem to be a dream come true to have weekdays in which to sew, knit, crochet, etc and never have that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening knowing it’s going to days before you can get back to your hobby. Obviously it would be even better to make a living out of crafting, but that’s not so easy and so not going out to work also means not bringing in the associated salary!!

However I am ever hopeful that one day I will make something so fabulous that everyone will just have to have one – likely? who knows, but it’s so much fun trying!  And with that I will show you my latest creations, because as well as doing a bit more on the twine bag I have been making spring themed crochet items for a garland!

crochet snail and crochet flower basket

Flower Baskets and Snails!

Twine basket in green and natural twine

Twine basket with two rows of Star stitch completed

It’s really hard to make Star stitch in twine so it’s taking a long time to make!

Over to Handmade Monday now for a catch up on the crafty adventures of others! Hope you are all enjoying some pleasant weather wherever you live.

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Yarn, Wool and Twine Week

Another week of enforced  ‘resting’ waiting to have stitches out has been quite pleasant really!  No housework and no driving has meant a lot of yarn, wool and twine crochet and watching TV!  Of course I can’t just do one project, oh no, I have to have a couple on the go to switch between every so often!

I’ve kept on with the ripple blanket and the woolly Beanie but not as fast as if I hadn’t started 2 other projects at the same time I suppose!  I love choosing the colours as I work but it was taking too long because I really didn’t have enough choice.  One late night perusal of Wool Warehouse website led to a fat chunky parcel on the doormat 2 days later!!   They are brilliant, not only are they cheaper than other online shops but they send the goods very quickly too!

Stylecraft premium Acrylic in pinky purple colours

new colours of Stylecraft Special DK

I just didn’t have enough pinky, purply colours!!

Multi-coloured riple blanket from a pattern by Attic 24

Ripple Blanket Week 6

I couldn’t  just do my blanket as each row is very long and I need more of a quick results experience so I started on  little hearts and flowers to make a spring garland!  Most of these are Attic 24 patterns and some are my own random crochet!  Here are some of the first ones I completed in the Stylecraft acrylic yarn again.

little crochet hearts and flowers using Attic 24 patterns

hearts and flowers!

I’m planning on completing this for Oestara, the Spring Equinox.

Anyway, despite being quite content with my crochet I was reading my Facebook newsfeed and fell instantly in love with a picture of a tote bag crocheted using twine.  It was posted by The Chunky Hooker as they sell the twine.  Oh, wow!  I couldn’t help myself when I saw the green twine!  Such a lovely colour!  I bought a ball of the natural twine and the green and decided to make a bag in each using the suggested pattern

As soon as I started to work with the natural twine I realised I wouldn’t be making it very quickly and probably wouldn’t make 2 bags as it’s quite hard work and is also ‘raspy’ on my skin.  I did wear a thin gardening glove on one had most of the time and this does help (it was suggested by someone commenting on the bag post, not my bright idea!).  It was hard to see all the stitches clearly and I think I interpreted some of the pattern wrongly as I didn’t end up with the correct number of stitches for the bag base and it was wonky! It’s far too much effort doing it to face unpicking so I decided to carry on anyway and just accept it will probably be a little lop sided in the end!

tote bag base crocheted in twine

base of tote bag in natural twine

The pattern is much easier to follow for making the sides – I love the star stitch which forms the pattern.  In the next picture I have just completed on row of stars, there are 5 to do and I will alternate with the green twine I think.

Tote bag crocheted in natural twine and green twine

Tote bag sides with star Stitch

I really do enjoy making this but I have to do it in stages, letting my hands rest for a day as it is really quite hard to manipulate.  The green twine feels much softer and I think it will hook much more smoothly. The Chunky Hooker is another great online shop – the parcel arrived in a couple of days with a note asking to see a picture when I’ve finished the bag!

So that was my yarny, woolly twiny week!  I really am neglecting my sewing though and need to get back in the craft room before I become addicted to slumping on the settee with my crochet watching This Morning and old DVD box sets.  My knee stitches ‘unpicked’ easily and I have my post-op clinic visit next Tuesday so no excuses after that.  I am ‘hooking’ up with Handmade Monday as usual and looking forward to reading about everyone’s crafty lives.  🙂

My comment box is still not working for everyone – Free spirit unchecked a box to enable it to work or if you type your name etc in the boxes even though it doesn’t show when you type it does actually record it.  I am missing all the lovely comments!!