Granny Squares and Granny Naps!

Ooh I am feeling rather full and sleepy after a big family dinner at my sisters this weekend!  I think I may need a nap!  My DS’ are home too so it’s a busier household here from normal when it’s just me and my DH  rattling round here! Not much time for making granny squares!

This week has been very exciting though, as my new sewing machine arrived!  I am in the process of writing about it and will have pics and a review next week!  I am already loving the extras  on it and spending time getting to know all the new features is very enjoyable.

I’ve done quite a bit of crochet squares towards a new blanket!

crochrt granny squares

getting the squares ready!

and I bought two new books!  Both of these seem to be very,  very good at first glance!

crochet book and bag making book

my new books

I can’t wait to start adding some granny square variations to the blanket and start making some more bags! Of all the sewing I do, I think I love making bags the most!

Well that’s it for now – I am full of pie and cupcakes and I need a granny nap, never mind a granny square!

best wishes to all the handmade mondayers celebrating Easter!

See you next week.

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Crochet Granny Squares and an Owl!

Boo it’s raining again!

This is what arrived last week!  My lovely new wool – beautiful colours – as I started to use them I thought how will I ever remember which shade is which if want to reorder any of them?  How will I know my Wisteria from my lavender?  So for now this is my solution –

New balls of Stylecraft Special Double Knit

My new Stylecraft Wool

wool labels with yarn tied on










A little bit of each yarn is tied to the label as I use each colour.  Ok for now but not great so I’d love to know what you all do?   I haven’t done much so far as I have spent a long time reading blogs for patterns and ideas – I think I’m going to make lots of granny squares and then decide what to do with them as these are something I know how to make very well!

I did however have a go at an owl pattern – it still needs the eyes yet – the pattern is from Bunny Mummy – another blog find after my visit to Yarndale!

Owl shape crochet and a small pink blue and purple granny square

First attempt at an owl shape!

It wasn’t hard to follow the tutorial and I think they look very cute in her picture!  I really want to design my own items but for now I am enjoying other people’s  as a change from my patchwork! One other thing I would really like help with is — how do you keep your wool from tangling when using lots of colours?  I’ve tried in the past to keep it all in a basket but it ends up one big mess. Currently I’ve got each colour in a plastic bag but this is bulky and spoils my enjoyment of the crochet somehow.   So over to talented peeps at Handmade Harbour to see if what everyone has been up to and maybe pick up some hints!!