Sewing, sewing, sewing


It’s that time of year – the season of xmas craft fairs!  I’ve been trying to sew as much as I can before the arthritis stops me. I am having a stall at Hoylake on 1st December and although most of my stock was acquired more than 18 months ago I would like to take a few of the new ideas I have – the patchwork pieces.

Here are three pieces I made – a patchwork glasses case, a Kindle case and a mobile ‘phone case!

Autumn falling

I like autumn and I really like the american name The Fall.  It’s so descriptive and makes me think of both an autumn leaf falling to the ground and equally a snowflake floating down. I always say I like autumn colours for clothes but when I look at what I wear it’s more likely to be blue or black or pinky purple! Strange that!

At the moment as well as making patchwork things to sell I am making a big patchwork quilt for our house.  This will be a slow and long-term project as I really need to try and get some stock made for the upcoming xmas fair.

I have some lovely Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric squares which I bid for on ebay and also bought from another seller on Folksy. Tana Lawn is soft and light with a high thread count, making it perfect for a snuggly winter quilt.  I am going to take pictures as I make the quilt so will be able to post updates and chart my progress on the blog.

My Tana Lawn Fabric!