Love Autumn!

I love Autumn!

Although summer is good in lots of ways it doesn’t have a starting ‘feel’ like spring and autumn do!  There is something about how the air smells in September which transports me back to ‘new term’, ‘new pencils’ type feelings of anticipation and excitement.

I do enjoy being able to shower without shivering in summer and getting dressed quickly because I don’t need layers but I adore wearing my boots, woolly hats and scarves and fingerless mittens again!

We’ve had an unexpected pleasure in our garden this Autumn too – lots of blackberries which are soooo good with meringues and clotted cream 😋

Blackberries in a hand

Handful of blackberries!


Another autumnal pleasure is the crunchy red brown leaves which start to cluster on the pavements or whizz round in the air on windy days! I used some decorative ones as a setting for my new fabric gift tags!

Heart shaped fabric to use as gift tag

Heart shaped fabric gift tag!

Fabric gift tag rectangular shape

Gift tag with embroidery

These hessian and linen gift tags make pretty keepsakes for the receiver of the present! They will be for sale in my Folksy  shop shortly! See sidebar for shop link

Funnily enough the weather has changed this week and it’s now sunny and warm outside – not at all autumnal – might just go and take in a few rays and embrace the end of summer (again).

Autumn falling

I like autumn and I really like the american name The Fall.  It’s so descriptive and makes me think of both an autumn leaf falling to the ground and equally a snowflake floating down. I always say I like autumn colours for clothes but when I look at what I wear it’s more likely to be blue or black or pinky purple! Strange that!

At the moment as well as making patchwork things to sell I am making a big patchwork quilt for our house.  This will be a slow and long-term project as I really need to try and get some stock made for the upcoming xmas fair.

I have some lovely Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric squares which I bid for on ebay and also bought from another seller on Folksy. Tana Lawn is soft and light with a high thread count, making it perfect for a snuggly winter quilt.  I am going to take pictures as I make the quilt so will be able to post updates and chart my progress on the blog.

My Tana Lawn Fabric!