Not a disappearing nine patch!……

Just a short post today as I have been in hospital for another knee op and so not been up to much sewing.  However, just before I went I made myself a very quick patchwork cushion for my bathroom chair as I thought it would cheer me up when I was hobbling around in there!  Well it sort of did – if I hadn’t had a forgetful spell whilst making it that is!  Can you guess what happened ?

cotton floral patchwork cushion

NOT a ‘Disappearing Nine Patch’ patchwork cushion!

I completed it fairly quickly, added a purple zip to the back piece and was admiring it in the bathroom when I thought – ‘the centre looks so plain’ – then BOOM the brain rebooted and I remembered I had been intending to make a disappearing nine patch pattern!   This looks best if the centre square is plain as you cut up the finished 9 square block to end up with four large squares comprised of a big floral square, two floral rectangles and a small solid colour square at the centre corner of each of the four new squares.  Then by rotating these new squares you can achieve pleasing results which are a bit more interesting than the above cushion!!

As this occurred the day before my op I cannot excuse the brain on grounds of post anaesthesia confusion either!  Oh well – will have to make another one as soon as I can get back in the sewing room!

Luckily I can still blog-hop even with a poorly knee so am off to Handmade Monday for the weekly linky party!

[Sorry if my comments box seems to work for some and not for others as it seems it allows all comments but won’t let some people add their name and link,  I am waiting for my web guru to fix it :)]

More fabric buying..

Eek been buying fabric again !  I really should be using up my stash as soon the craft room won’t be usable but will just be a giant fabric store room!

I just couldn’t resist this jelly roll

fabric strips

lovely jelly roll!

and when I opened it – wow! all hippy tye dye and flowers and ‘peace’ printed!

hippy flowery fabric!

hippy flowery fabric!

So I really had to make something! First I was going to make a bag out of the strips but somewhwere along the way (you know how it is..) it turned into a cushion made out of other stash with some vibrant purple from the roll as the border!

Patchwork cushion!

Patchwork cushion!

Very pleased with myself  and I’m keeping this one for our house!

I still haven’t heard from the person who bought the Faery Garden even though I sent two messages so I don’t know if it arrived intact but am guessing it did or I probably would have!!

Over to Handmade Monday now for my Sunday evening treat – reading all the other crafters’ adventures!!

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