Crochet Bag Becomes Crochet Cushion!

Gosh a summer’s day here in Wirral – we’ve had autumn weather all week so this warm and dry day is very welcome! Hope your day is as pleasant!

Remember this?

crochet bag

this is the bag base with all the colours to use


Well this was going to be my oceanic coloured crochet bag but things didn’t go to plan!   I followed the attic 24 pattern completely but I used cotton whereas Lucy used a chunky merino and I think that maybe the problem as mine turned out huge!



It was when the bag area was this big that I started to think it just wouldn’t work as a bag !!


cotton bag keeps expanding

I decided I couldn’t face unpicking so it’s now become a rather comfy cushion for the couch!! Luckily my made -up pattern turned out ok!

crochet cushion

crochet cushion for the couch

crochet cushion

first side – originally bag base!

Oh well I have a nice cushion – just have to find some chunkier wool for that bag!! Now there’s a project to keep me  happy!!

What projects are you doing?  Let’s pop over to Handmade Monday and find out!

Simple Wavy Crochet Edging for a Blanket and finished my Road Trip Scarf!

Wow – I finished some WiPs! – my Ripple Blanket and my Road Trip Scarf!

My blanket is a Ripple Blanket – pattern is from Attic 24 Neat Ripple but I decided I wanted a simple wavy crochet edging on mine!  First I used this tutorial to do a round of different sized stitches to make the 4 edges straight. (raspberry  row) then I added 2 rows of double crochet all round.(purple and grey rows)

multi-coloured crochet ripple blanket

edging the ripple blanket

You could add as many straight rows as you like but I kept mine just to the two after the ‘straightening out’ row.  For the wavy effect I couldn’t find anything anywhere that was simple – I didn’t want pom poms or holes or shells or drop posts or anything other than a simple wave!

So I decided to make my own simple wavy crochet edging as in the picture below!  (see here for the pattern)

multi coloured blanket with patchwork fairy edging

simple wavy crochet edging

This week has been pretty similar to last week health wise and craft wise as I still have a very painful back and so still can’t get into my craft room to work!  I can still crochet though,  so after finishing my lovely Road Trip Scarf last week I immediately started another one in fiery red as I am really hoping I am selected for the xmas fair in Liverpool and so need some stock to sell!   They have 100 more applicants than places though so some of us are going to be disappointed!

I did manage to finish my ‘Road Trip Scarf’ and add on the embellishments which make it look really pretty I think!

blue crochet scarf

Finished Road Trip Scarf

Friday this week I was awake from half 4 and so I made a little bag for keeping my mobile ‘phone and glasses in as I can’t carry a big handbag at the moment – any kind of weight causes terrible pain  – I can’t even the kettle unless there is only a tiny amount of liquid in it!

Here is one I made a while ago and the one I made on Friday!


blue crocheted bag


I do have a thing about bags – I love making them and owning them so I find it difficult to make them for selling!  these were just practice ones with a made up pattern though so won’t be going anywhere! 🙂

Anyhoo, it’s time to meet up with Handmade Monday again! See you there?

Road Trip Scarf!

Wow I’ve been having much fun this week chatting in facebook groups where I came across the ‘Road Trip Scarf’ pattern on  Zootyowl’s blog    Now almost everyone in my facebook crochet group has made one,  or is making one!  Fortunately that means lots of help with the pattern!  I am almost finished  – I have to finish the top edge yet and do the flower trimmings but I am pleased with the way it’s looking already.

crochet scarf

Road Trip Scarf – not quite finished

I’m having a bit of trouble following the last row of the pattern but other than that it’s been a lovely quick make! I’d recommend it if you enjoy crochet as once you get going it’s easy to do whilst watching TV or chatting! If you wonder why it’s called that just read her blog post about the pattern via the link above!

I also decided my ripple blanket wasn’t looking quite right  and so made up a wavy edging to finish it off – I have one and a half sides to go yet!

multi coloured blanket

wavy edging on ripple blanket

Whilst I was browsing all the other road trip scarves I fell in love with some purple King Cole splash yarn which just happened to be on sale!!  Well couldn’t pass that up could I?

wool balls

my latest delivery 🙂

So now I have to make a few more RTSs!!!

I am enjoying all this crochet as I am still incapacitated with back pain although it is slightly better after my GP prescribed some more drugs.  I have my MRI date – 3rd September – not looking forward to that as I don’t like confined spaces 🙁 but at least I might then know what the problem is and what can be done to help it.

Finally I had to show you the lovely plant and card which my aunties and uncle sent for me to ‘cheer me up’ – and it did – immensely!


get well plant and card

So that’s my week – crochet, crochet, crochet and the road trip scarf! Now over to see the peeps at Handmade Monday, wonder what’s been going on in your world?



Ripple Blanket Progress

I’ve not made as much ripple blanket progress as I originally imagined and have decided that after 60 ripply rows that I have had enough!  It is now going to be a lap blanket/shawl!

Although I am fed up of rippling I have decided to make a few double crochet edging rounds to finish it off nicely and then leave it at this smaller size. So far I am on my second dc round in lavender, the first being in raspberry.

multi-coloured crochet ripple blanket

edging the ripple blanket

I haven’t much crafty stuff to share this week as I have been away camping in Aberdaron and the packing up process has done me a mischief.   I am in agony, unable to walk properly with acute lower back pain.  I am managing a bit of crochet wherever I can get comfy (not easy) but anything else is out of the question.

After a week of pain and still no improvement it’s so frustrating not to be able to get in my craft room as I have two projects waiting to be finished which are for presents and are now not going to be made on time 🙁

Hopefully I will be able to link up with Handmade Monday and catch up on everyone’s lives as I’ve really missed my blog fix the last couple of weeks, being away without internet access.