Ripple Blanket Progress

I’ve not made as much ripple blanket progress as I originally imagined and have decided that after 60 ripply rows that I have had enough!  It is now going to be a lap blanket/shawl!

Although I am fed up of rippling I have decided to make a few double crochet edging rounds to finish it off nicely and then leave it at this smaller size. So far I am on my second dc round in lavender, the first being in raspberry.

multi-coloured crochet ripple blanket

edging the ripple blanket

I haven’t much crafty stuff to share this week as I have been away camping in Aberdaron and the packing up process has done me a mischief.   I am in agony, unable to walk properly with acute lower back pain.  I am managing a bit of crochet wherever I can get comfy (not easy) but anything else is out of the question.

After a week of pain and still no improvement it’s so frustrating not to be able to get in my craft room as I have two projects waiting to be finished which are for presents and are now not going to be made on time 🙁

Hopefully I will be able to link up with Handmade Monday and catch up on everyone’s lives as I’ve really missed my blog fix the last couple of weeks, being away without internet access.

14 thoughts on “Ripple Blanket Progress

  1. What a lovely stitch! Is it straight forward to learn? I like a bit of crochet but find patterns impossible to decipher! I just love your colours! So very pretty. Hope your back improves quickly! Xx

    • This is the Attic 24 pattern and is pretty straightforward although you have to concentrate all the time and count – mine has some mistakes where I was watching telly and carried on without the increases or decreases!

  2. Oh, I hope your back improves soon! We were in Aberdaron the other week – my daughter has a caravan she keeps on a farm site – Morfa Mawr. We loved it – hope you are enjoying it and the weather is kind x

  3. What a beautiful blanket, hope your back feels better soon, I know how frustrating it is when your in lots of pain x

  4. Ouch !!!! Back pain is not funny. Hope you are pain free very soon.

    I don’t know what’s worse – the back pain or not being able to get into your craft room. Having been in that position last year I’d choose the latter….

    Love the blanket. The colours are gorgeous. So bright and fun xx

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