The Craft Fair Dilemma!

craft fair table with items on

My stall at the craft fair!

Well I had a stall yesterday at a local craft fair.  It’s been a while because of ill health and I was really looking forward to it!  So what happened?  The usual of course!  Intermittant trickle of visitors admiring and in some cases buying – but usually only for the cheapest item I was selling. Not a lot of change from when I started a couple of years ago!

Yesterday I was selling my goddess/fairy/angel/chakra gifts and jewellery hoping to clear these out as I am now making handmade fabric creations using my sewing and knitting skills and it’s these I hope to start selling in the future.  Will I ever make a profit from selling hand made goods?  not by going to craft fairs I think….. I’d love to know if anyone has any tips or insights to make it more profitable.  One thing I do love about these fairs though is meeting the other stall holders (usually!) and seeing all the amazing creations that are on offer. I think it’s this which keeps me going.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of other blogs, facebook etc and craft publications as I love my sewing and knitting and crochet and it would be wonderful to turn it into a profitable business instead of hobby – if only to fund the purchase of more fabric or beautiful paper or wool!  I have all of these in large quantities which I look at and stroke frequently…I just need the energy and health to make more things with them all!

You can see the sort of things I am now selling in my previous post here

So today I thought I’d add a link to the Handmade Harbour – after all – meeting other crafters and perusing their creations is my favourite thing!