ATC August 2015

This week I thought I’d share my ATC which I made as part of the ATC August 2015 swap over at Very Berry Handmade!  I haven’t got a lot else to show as whilst recovering from surgery my days are mainly taken up with exercises, resting with ice packs and sleeping!

So what is an ATC swap?  It stands for Artist Trading Card and is a small, handmade card which is crafted to a theme.  It can comprise all different crafts as long as there is some stitching involved.  The them this time was a bit more flexible than previous swaps as it was ‘My Favourite………’     I chose to add the word ‘crafts’ on the end and so made a card with a  mini quilt, some crochet, a mini Quillie, a little greetings card and some freehand embroidery.

i had a lot of fun making the card, it distracted me from the immediate aftermath of surgery and focussed my mind on something other than the pain!  It’s not my best work as I just wasn’t in the best state to craft it but I decided it was ok enough to send to my swap partner in France!   I had collected all the things needed to make my card into a little box before surgery and so everything I wanted was within my grasp once I was back home.  It will be a while before I am back in my craft room, but part of that. Is my fault as it’s so messy in there it’s dangerous when you are walking with two sticks!!

Little card with mini patchwork quilt, some crochet and a little greetings card.

ATC My Favourite Crafts

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Winter Sparkle ATC swap!

Happy New Year!


I’m starting this year with a post about the Winter Sparkle ATC swap which I took part in towards the end of last year!  These Artist Trading Cards (ATC) swaps are organised by another Ali – over at VeryBerryhandmade. The theme was Winter Sparkle and we had to design the ATC to a standard size 2.5 x 3.5 inches and it had to be predominantly textile.

It it took me ages to decide what to make ! Part of the problem was my ongoing sciatica which is very painful and makes standing and moving difficult and the necessary drugs which tend to dampen down the creative processes!  Eventually as the posting deadline loomed I was forced to actually start work as I couldn’t bear the thought of some poor person waiting for her mystery packet which then never arrived!

My favourite background for these cards is one of my lovely 100% wool felt bought from Wonderwool last year – it makes a pleasing firm background and the edges don’t fray so no need for fiddly binding!

After much deliberation around the sparkle aspect  I suddenly thought of how the roads look at this time of year – all the houses lit up with twinkly lights! Our family doesn’t go in for dressing up our own houses that much but we really enjoy travelling round our area to where there are roads and cul-de-sacs with several houses which are completely bonkers over the top with lights and figures etc! Using these for inspiration I began sewing on my little houses from scraps in my stash. I used my textile iridescent paint for the night sky. I love how it looks clear in the tube but becomes twinkly and sparkly on dark fabrics! Finally I used silver embroidery thread to look like rope lights on the house roofs and to make a couple of stars by using just one strand of the thread.

Felted scene of houses with decorations

Sparkly Mid Winter Madness!

So that’s my Winter Sparkle ATC.  My partner sent me a lovely thank you email so I think she liked it!

If you fancy joining in one then take a look at the Very Berry blog and have a look at all the amazing cards created.  Also the next swap will be in February so keep a look out!


Artist Trading Card Swap -“Getting Away From it All”

It is that time again!  Time for the latest Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap organised again by Ali from VeryBerry Handmade! The theme was “Getting Away From it All”.

This is my second swap and I really enjoy participating in these swaps.  It’s not only the pleasure of receiving a card but also the fun of making one! There is always a theme and the cards must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches and predominantly textile.  As  long as you abide by those specifications you can interpret the theme any way you like!

When I signed up for the swap I wasn’t suffering from this awful sciatica and so it’s proved just a little bit more difficult to complete this time as I have been unable to sit at my sewing machine or stand at my designing/cutting table to start the process.

Finally, on the last day of the posting week I finished my creation and managed to sit at the machine long enough to use the embroidery function to sew the details on the reverse of the card. – This saved me a lot of hand sewing or having to obtain a permanent marker to write on fabric!

It actually took me ages to decide how to represent the theme and a few false starts as well! Then suddenly the idea came to me  as I was taking one of my ‘standing in my sewing room looking out of the window moments’  (which I do frequently as I can’t do anything else in there!) – Glastonbury!

I have spent many happy days in Glastonbury and at one time used to go 3 or 4 times a year with friends for a mini break.  Sadly we are all in varying states of ill health or commitments elsewhere and the trips have not been possible recently.  How I miss those times sitting on the Tor with good friends, united in the sacred peace of the place, the meditations we did, the walks around the area, the trip at twilight to feel and see the beauty of the landscape in the fading light, and the joy of a cup of shared mead in the darkness that  quickly surrounded us.  In those visits I really did feel I was getting away from it all and the return to the mundane life and work a few days later felt very strange.

So here is my ATC!

textile picture of Glastonbury Tor

My ATC – NightFall in Avalon


Reverse of textile card

Reverse of ATC

I loved making this!  I used some fabric paint to create the stars as the area around Glastonbury is remarkable for the way the stars are visible – much as  they always were when I was young and there was less light pollution around. If you’ve ever seen this when out in the countryside away from street lamps you’ll appreciate what I mean.

Anyway that was my ATC – now sent off to it’s new home in Scotland!  We all send a card to one person – but receive one from a different person – and it’s a secret swap until the cards are sent!  so next week I’ll show you the ATC I have been sent!

As usual I am linking up with Handmade Monday for a pleasant read about others’ crafty weeks!

ATC Swap!

I have always wanted to be part of an ATC Swap (Artist Trading Card) but have never seen one at a time when I could realistically join in. So I was very pleased when recently I was able to  join the ATC swap organised by Ali (another one!) at VeryberryHandmade  The theme was ‘Spring’ or ‘Books’.  Can you guess what I chose?  🙂

Here is mine!

ATC for the Verry berry handmade spring swap

My ATC I sent to my swap person!


The brief was to make a card using any craft technique and it must be the size of a business card.


ATC must show artist's name and contact email

The information which goes on the back

I had a lot of fun making mine and incorporated sewing, needle felting and embroidery into it.  You post your card out to a different person from whom you receive one and it’s a secret swap until the day it arrives!

This is what I received – a lovely countryside scene.

ATC received as part of the Very berry ATC SWap Spring 2014

The ATC I received!


Well  I am off to link with Handmade Monday now – not so easy as I am in the car on the way back from Blackpool where I visited an amazing fabric shop called Grace and Favour – more about that next time!


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