Lazy week with a bit of dry felting!

Had a very lazy week crafting wise so not much to show!  Last week I just couldn’t get my comments to work on lots of blogs so I am really seemed to have ignored blogs who had visited mine.  Hopefully this week blogger will have sorted out the error?So this week I tried out two projects I bought at craft fairs and haven’t even opened till now!  (this is not an isolated incident I am ashamed to say!)  Things look sooo interesting and exciting I want to try them all!!

felted flowers

felted flowers attempt

I tried my dry felting kit and managed to make some felted flowers which will be good for embellishing bags or quilts, when I have perfected them a bit more that is!!  However at this rate I will never have enough stock for our stand at the Handmade xmas at 02 fair!!  Has anyone else managed to get going on xmas stock yet?  checking over at Handmade Monday!!







Liberty Tana Lawn Wedding Bag!

Have I mentioned that I love Liberty Tana Lawn fabric before? 😉  Yes I thought I had!  I realised this week that when writing about the wedding last week I’d omitted to say that I’d also made myself a special little wedding bag for the day from my favourite fabric – Liberty Tana Lawn!  I just adore the colours, the ditsy prints and the feel of Tana Lawn and I have been collecting pieces of it for a year or so now.   I make mobile fone covers in it to sell on Folksy and every time I buy some I have been squirrelling away bits to make myself a bag.  It is a very simple clutch bag with interlining and fusible fleece for support, a magnetic closing and floral buttons just for decoration.  It all echoes the lilac colour scheme from the wedding. I loved making this the day before the wedding – it was a special bit of relaxation and ‘me time’  in the midst of all the preparations!

 clutch bag in assorted lilac floral Liberty Tana Lawn fabric

My wedding bag in Tana Lawn patchwork

inside of clutch bag showing pretty pink floral fabric lining

pretty pink lining

I’m linking up with Handmade Monday now so I am off for a read around the crafty blogs over there, why not pop over too!  UPDATE- I can’t comment on lots of your blogs – I keep getting an error code – I assume this is a google/blogger problem as others are ok.


Bunting and Bouquets!

Well I am a little late with my post this week as yesterday was my daughter’s BIG DAY! I got carried away enjoying myself at the event and neglected to photograph the wonderful wedding bunting I made for her which I wanted to post a picture of  here! I did manage to find this on facebook taken by a guest though!

Wedding Bunting with Mr & Mrs on the flags

Wedding Bunting with Mr & Mrs on the flags

Now it’s all over  I am delirious with tiredness and looking forward to a couple of days of rest before starting to do anything at all,  so pictures will follow!

As well as making the bunting my daughter and I decorated all the table vases with ribbons and then bought the flowers and arranged these too on Saturday, the day before the BIG DAY!  After this I went home and made her bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, put them in water until 7.30am on the BIG DAY when I finished them 0ff with ribbon.  I love making things myself and we had a special mother and daughter day choosing, buying and making up the flower vases so much so that we wondered why anyone would pass up the opportunity and pay someone else to do it?  But I suppose if you don’t enjoy creating then it’s not fun, it’s a chore.

My mum had been asked to do a reading at the wedding to pass on some ‘words of wisdom’ to the newly weds as part of this she talked about the fashion for initials in today’s ‘textspeak’ – OMG and LOL for example, but pointing out that her generation had done it all before  with their ‘SWALK’ and ‘ITLY’ which they would write on the back of envelopes of letters to their boyfriends – (Sealed With A Loving Kiss and I Truly Love You).  She concluded by saying she had some of her own to pass to the newly weds  – ‘CEO’ – no not chief executive officer!  She said it was something to remember for the rest of their lives and also something for all of us  in any  relationship – ‘Cherish Each Other’ and then she presented them with a small plaque, made by guess who!

Cherish Each Other Plaque

Cherish Each Other Plaque





I’ll finish with a pic of the Bride and Groom  and that lovely bouquet 😉 then head over to Handmade Monday at Handmade Harbour

Bride and Groom kiss under a tree

Bride and Groom

Bunting in the Dandy!

Well just back from camping holiday and had no signal for most of the time so it was a strange but quite liberating feeling as I wasn’t obliged to text and couldn’t check emails or facebook!  The weather was mostly good and I had some great swimming in the sea!  I am sorry about not commenting on many blogs last week as I ran out of time before we left on Monday morning.  I have now managed to reciprocate all those who commented on mine I think!

So I haven’t done any crafting this week but I did loads before I left as I made some bunting for my Dandy and completed some things I am doing in conjunction with creative blogging for Abakhan, but more about that in a future post!    It looked very pretty at night in the camper with the flower lights and a candle!  I also made curtains for the windows and the door with some Abakhan rose print  fabric from the big dumpers of vintage dress fabric!  Nothing left for my dress now though!

pink and red bunting and a multi colouted quilt.

My Dandy camper with the bunting and the rose flower lights. My quilt is over the settee back!

dandy camper

The Dandy with the new rose fabric door curtain





Anyway,  over to Handmade Monday to see what you’ve all been up to!