Bunting in the Dandy!

Well just back from camping holiday and had no signal for most of the time so it was a strange but quite liberating feeling as I wasn’t obliged to text and couldn’t check emails or facebook!  The weather was mostly good and I had some great swimming in the sea!  I am sorry about not commenting on many blogs last week as I ran out of time before we left on Monday morning.  I have now managed to reciprocate all those who commented on mine I think!

So I haven’t done any crafting this week but I did loads before I left as I made some bunting for my Dandy and completed some things I am doing in conjunction with creative blogging for Abakhan, but more about that in a future post!    It looked very pretty at night in the camper with the flower lights and a candle!  I also made curtains for the windows and the door with some Abakhan rose print  fabric from the big dumpers of vintage dress fabric!  Nothing left for my dress now though!

pink and red bunting and a multi colouted quilt.

My Dandy camper with the bunting and the rose flower lights. My quilt is over the settee back!

dandy camper

The Dandy with the new rose fabric door curtain





Anyway,  over to Handmade Monday to see what you’ve all been up to!