Sewing Charm Jewelery!

It’s a funny time of year – we’ve talking about and planning for it for ages and now it’s finnaly almost here it seems to be a surprise! Or is that just me?!!

Not had much time to write again today with all that’s is going on – so many presents to make and buy as well as food to plan but I have had time to make some new jewelery for my folksy shop. As a sewing enthusiast I have been thinking of gifts which would appeal to people like me – hence my new sewing charm Jewelery – earrings and also bookmarks!


Bookmarks with sewing charms


Earrings with sewing charms

Tape measure and scissors sewing charms

it was a nice change to make jewellery again but for the main part I am working on finishing presents in fabric and wool!   I am looking forward to the new year and not having the pressure that accompanies this time of year although I do love the build up with all the fairy lights on the houses and all the shops looking so festive!

Hope eveyone one is enjoying the build up too!  Hopping over  to Handmade Monday now to see what’s new!