Lazy week with a bit of dry felting!

Had a very lazy week crafting wise so not much to show!  Last week I just couldn’t get my comments to work on lots of blogs so I am really seemed to have ignored blogs who had visited mine.  Hopefully this week blogger will have sorted out the error?So this week I tried out two projects I bought at craft fairs and haven’t even opened till now!  (this is not an isolated incident I am ashamed to say!)  Things look sooo interesting and exciting I want to try them all!!

felted flowers

felted flowers attempt

I tried my dry felting kit and managed to make some felted flowers which will be good for embellishing bags or quilts, when I have perfected them a bit more that is!!  However at this rate I will never have enough stock for our stand at the Handmade xmas at 02 fair!!  Has anyone else managed to get going on xmas stock yet?  checking over at Handmade Monday!!







13 thoughts on “Lazy week with a bit of dry felting!

  1. Glad that it wasn’t just me! I think that you will soon get a lot quicker as you gain in confidence and start stabbing away fiercely. Either that or wait until you are really cross about something 😉

  2. I always tell myself: just get it done! -whenever I lose motivation to craft and the likelihood of having another UFO (unfinished object) in the cupboard is very high.
    Hope your future christmas fairs will bring you lots of encouragements to create some lovely stuff 🙂

  3. aww your flowers are pretty! I’d love to try felting, it looks like so much fun.

    I had a little go at Christmasy things a few weeks back but nothing since… its so hard to get going early when there is other more relevant inspiration all around – i’m caught up with Autumn at the moment! x

  4. Felting is still on my to have a go list, been on there a couple of years now!
    I’ve been resisting the Christmas thoughts until now, but actually started making plans this morning. It is coming, my first catalogue arrived in the post this week…

  5. I think everyone’s entitled to a more relaxed week once in a while. I love your felting – is it hard to do? I’ve made some Christmas cards so far, but need to make a lot more in the next few weeks.

  6. I’ve been thinking about christmas things to make, does that count?! Your felting looks lovely, I’ve never tried this before but I know it’s very popular at the moment. Have a great week x

  7. Hi,
    I can’t dry felt yet but I can wet felt flowers, they look great – mum has already started making Christmas stock (there are knitted stockings hanging up left from photos!) I also bought somwe Christmas fabric the other day 🙂

  8. The blogger error seems to be everywhere in the past couple of weeks. Quite frustrating.

    Your felt flowers look quite pretty. I’ve just started on getting Halloween stock made. I haven’t yet got around to doing anything for Christmas.

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