Simple Crochet Wavy Edging

After I finished my Ripple Blanket using the Attic 24 Neat Ripple I decided I didn’t like the finished look and yet I didn’t want a fancy edging on it.

multi-coloured crochet ripple blanket

edging the ripple blanket

I decided I wanted a simple wavy crochet edging on mine!  First I used this tutorial to do a round of different sized stitches to make the 4 edges straight. (raspberry  row) then I added 2 rows of double crochet all round.(purple and grey rows)

You could add as many straight rows as you like but I kept mine just to the two after the ‘straightening out’ row.  For the wavy effect I couldn’t find anything anywhere that was simple – I didn’t want pom poms or holes or shells or drop posts or anything other than a simple wave!

So I decided to make my own simple wavy crochet edging !

On coming to the last corner of my last DC edge I did 2xDC 1 xTreble, 2xDC in the corner stitch then started the wave effect  on the new edge as follows:

In the next 3 stitches work a slip stitch,  double crochet, half treble.  In the next stitch work 3 trebles. then you  go back down the wave by reversing the order of the stitches you came up with – ie in the next 3 stitches work a half treble, a double crochet, and a slip stitch.

Start the next wave and every subsequent wave from the double crochet so that there is only 1 slip stitch between each wave. At the corners do  a mixture of any of these stitches so that each corner looks similar with a ‘wave top’ or the ‘swell’ as you prefer.

multi coloured blanket

wavy edging on ripple blanket

Now I’m happy with the finished blanket!

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