Crochet Granny Squares and an Owl!

Boo it’s raining again!

This is what arrived last week!  My lovely new wool – beautiful colours – as I started to use them I thought how will I ever remember which shade is which if want to reorder any of them?  How will I know my Wisteria from my lavender?  So for now this is my solution –

New balls of Stylecraft Special Double Knit

My new Stylecraft Wool

wool labels with yarn tied on










A little bit of each yarn is tied to the label as I use each colour.  Ok for now but not great so I’d love to know what you all do?   I haven’t done much so far as I have spent a long time reading blogs for patterns and ideas – I think I’m going to make lots of granny squares and then decide what to do with them as these are something I know how to make very well!

I did however have a go at an owl pattern – it still needs the eyes yet – the pattern is from Bunny Mummy – another blog find after my visit to Yarndale!

Owl shape crochet and a small pink blue and purple granny square

First attempt at an owl shape!

It wasn’t hard to follow the tutorial and I think they look very cute in her picture!  I really want to design my own items but for now I am enjoying other people’s  as a change from my patchwork! One other thing I would really like help with is — how do you keep your wool from tangling when using lots of colours?  I’ve tried in the past to keep it all in a basket but it ends up one big mess. Currently I’ve got each colour in a plastic bag but this is bulky and spoils my enjoyment of the crochet somehow.   So over to talented peeps at Handmade Harbour to see if what everyone has been up to and maybe pick up some hints!!

10 thoughts on “Crochet Granny Squares and an Owl!

  1. What a great range of colours! Your collection of granny squares will look so pretty when they’re done, i love the two you’ve shown here.

    I don’t have any crochet experience so can’t help re the yarn tangling dilemma but i can sympathise about the endless task of trying to keep a crafty stash organised… i love your idea of keeping a strand of yarn with the labels – simple but effective! x

  2. I think your idea of tieing a piece of yarn to each band is a great one and I doubt it’ll be bettered! I don’t crochet but love knitting with different coloured yarns and I see tangling as an occupational hazard! I think some people wind small bobbins of each colour so that they are easy to weave in and out and keep orderly, so perhaps you could try that if you can gauge how much you need per square?

  3. Its good that you have found the passion for crochet again, i have to say that since picking up a crochet hook i havent knitted since! I also have the same yarn, i purchased it from a lady selling it on instagram. I love all the colours that are available, and its lovely to work with too. I hope you continue to enjoy working with it xx

  4. Can’t help with the tangled wool I’m afraid. I love all your wonderful colours and it’s a great idea to keep a strand of yarn with each label. I think I’d keep the samples in little cellophane bags or little sandwich bags to keep them from going astray.

    Jan x

  5. Great tip about attaching a length of yarn to the label. I’ll have to make a note of that.
    The way I’ve found to stop wool tangling is to turn the work so that it untangles itself every alternative row – I hope this makes sense…. xx

    PS My computer doesn’t seem to like your comments page for some reason which is why you may get a comment from someone called ‘Ggggggeeerrrritttttttttttteeee’ !!!!

  6. What a lovely selection of colours and some great looking granny squares.

    For remembering the colours, maybe crochet a small square of each colour then pin those, along with their labels, to a notice board.

  7. To remember which yarn is which, I would cut a strip of card, punch holes down the side and then attach a small strand of yarn and write next to it which one it was. I know I’ve seen it somewhere – might have been how the thread was arranged for a cross stitch I did years ago.

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