Colourful Crochet!

Well I’ve really got the crochet bug again now!  Although years ago  I used to make pram blankets in colourful crochet, in recent times I have mainly concentrated on using chunky, random yarn to make big throws, as I enjoy the change of colour but the lazy way!  However, since my visit to Yarndale and discovering Lucy’s blog of tutorials, I have again become fascinated by the idea of mixing up different bright colours.  So this is what arrived this morning!

unopened parcel of wool just arrived


I just love the sound of the postie dropping parcels of fabrics or wool in the porch!

And this is what it contained!

New balls of Stylecraft Special Double Knit

My new Stylecraft Wool

These are Stylecraft Special double knit premium acrylic.  I have prefered to use 100% wool in the past but as these seemed to be endorsed by quite a few people in the crochet and knitting world I thought I would try them.  They are from Wool Warehouse and I must say they shipped them very quickly as I only ordered them on Monday!  My young self would have been incredulous at the idea that I would one day sit in my living room choosing and paying for lovely wool instead of getting the bus into town and carrying it home!

I am now actually looking forward to cold and even rainy days when it’s just sensible to snuggle up with some colourful crochet!

One thought on “Colourful Crochet!

  1. What a beautiful colours you have there, I love buying wool too, it’s one of my favourite things 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lluisa x

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