Christmas Market Makes

Managed to make a few more things towards the Handmade Christmas Market at the 02 this week.  It’s getting near now and I am very excited!

Patchwork Tote in Scrappy fabrics with matching fabric handles

Patchwork Tote Bag

Christmas Table Runner using Joy and Peace fabric

Christmas Table Runner!

Christmas Countdown Calendar - the little present pockets

Alternative Advent Calendar!

This patchwork bag was based on the tutorial at Sew Mama Sew.  I used much tinier scrap pieces in mine and made the fabric handles instead of using webbing.  However I have now managed to get some and so the next ones will have cream cotton handles.










This is a Christmas table runner in lovely thick white fabric with ‘Joy’ and ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’ printed on it as well as snowflakes and reindeer!  It’s padded and backed in red but not quilted.










This is the start of an alternative type of advent calendar.  I am cutting up Christmas fabric into little squares and sewing them onto a plain cream background to make 7 little pockets which can hold 7 little presents for the 7 days leading up to Christmas.  My mum did something similar for us as children and I have continued it with my grandchildren too so I thought it might make a good sell at the Christmas market!


The next task now is pricing!  I hate this part – I have read loads of articles and books on the ‘art (science?) of pricing’ and yet the main feeling I have is – all this is no good if items don’t sell – the pricing needs to fit the situation as well.  Shop prices are somewhat higher in London than the provinces – but does this apply to handmade craft fairs or has the boom in online sales evened out the regional differences?    Another quandary is, I imagine over a 3 day event sellers are expected to hold back stock to ensure enough is for sale on the last day, but how to do this without ending up with unsold items at the end?  I would appreciate some advice on what others have done if anyone has exhibited at an event longer than one day.

Maybe the Handmade Mondayers can help?  I’m linking up at Handmade Harbour again for a lovely evening’s blog reading and maybe some helpful advice?!!


17 thoughts on “Christmas Market Makes

  1. aww your patchwork bag is so cute! i love the table runner too – gorgeous fabric.

    what a fun idea to have a 7 day calendar for the final Christmas countdown, great for kids, i’m sure it will sell well at your up-comming Christmas fair.

    I don’t think you should hold anything back – sales for you are what counts rather than keeping the organisers happy! 🙂

  2. I love your patchwork bag. It’s a great way of using scraps of fabric. What a super idea for an alternative advent calendar and it’s lovely that you have continued the tradition with your own children and grandchildren.

    Sadly I can’t help with the pricing issue. I’ve only read a couple of craft business books and they each say something different…. One thing I would say though is people who purchase craft/homemade items usual expect to pay more than they would for something in say Primark or Matalan. It’s because they are looking for the uniqueness – if that makes sense !!! xx

    • Thanks – yes it does make sense! I couldn’t help laughing when I read your comment on the ‘backend’ of the website – it says its from a gertiepgertieprickles and your email is something like !! It makes me giggle just reading it again!!!

  3. Lovely makes. Pricing is a balancing act. Yes, by all means follow a formula, but even then there may be some adding or subtracting to make the price “feel right” within the market. Don’t ever aim to be the cheapest though! And DON’T hold back on sales at a 3-day event!!! If you sell out of a particular item, put something else in its place – your display should be flexible enough to be able to do this. I once sold out of a particular item and spent the whole evening making five more to replace them next day – and they didn’t sell for months afterwards!! Sales are hard to predict, so if you sell loads of one item on day 1, it doesn’t follow that you’ll sell as many on day 2 or 3. Good luck!

    • Thsnks – that’s good advice – I was thinking I might be sitting in the hotel room making up things in the evening – I think I’ll just put out something different instead. I may end up a jewellery stall on day 3!

  4. I am definitely going to shuffle over to the O2 event – its only 20 minutes from me (if that) so there’s no excuse not to! I hate pricing, in the end I’ve settled for what feels right for me. I love the alternative advent calendar, its such a great idea.

  5. Lovely makes. Pricing is very difficult – but just remember to make sure you charge enough to cover the cost of your materials, time and a little bit towards the cost of the stand. I think a higher price can sometimes make things seem exclusive and more desirable!

  6. Good luck with your event, and good luck with the pricing!
    I try to work out how much things cost in time (not at minimum wage!) and materials, but if I don’t like the answer I just go with what feels right – I’m a great one for seeing what other people are charging on Folksy or Etsy too.

  7. I’m no good at this pricing lark either! I really think it depends on where you are selling but one thing’s for sure – don’t undersell yourself! Love the idea of the advent calendar. I wondered about this myself but couldn’t face filling 24 pockets with gifts! A seven day calendar is a far better idea 🙂

  8. The patchwork bag is lovely and so is the alternative advent calender. Pricing is a minefield. I worry if I price something low, does it devalue my work – if I price it high, will it sell. Good luck sorting it out. Hope you have a good week.

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