Making Beanies (and too many other things!)

Like so many of you, I suffer from TMPOTG!  (Too Many Projects On The Go!!)  Trouble is, the more blogs I find and tutorials I read, the more I want to do!  Now I’m investigating cross stitch as well as too many other things!

I am making lots of things for the O2 Handmade Market I really am, and this should be enough – what with sorting out labelling, pricing, and the display as well.  But no, I’ve only got to go and get some Aida and embroidery threads and plan out a nice little xmas crosstitch as well! Oh and then that led to thinking about machine embroidery which I used on the advent calendar I showed last week – where else could I use this new found stitch??  And so on it goes – mind a whirl with possibilities, dreaming of new things to  learn about and make.

At least I have managed to finish two Beanies this week – one with Sirdar Crofter which is Acrylic/Cotton/Wool mix and one with Knitcol 100% pure wool.  The Sirdar is quite lightweight to use and ideal for a lightweight hat.  I love the Knitcol wool – it feels nice to work with and the variegated colours go very well together once it’s knitted up.

beanie using Crofter doubleknit varigated wool

Beanie with Crofter Wool

Beanie using variagated Knitcol wool

Crochet Beanie with fluted edge


I bought this knitcol wool whilst on a visit to Wells but somehow lost the label after taking the wool out to feel/stroke/admire long before I planned to use it.  Once it was knitted up I really wanted some more but had no idea what it was and how to get it.  However I hit upon the idea of a virtual travel and shopping trip round Wells using google maps.  It actually worked!  I went up and down roads I remembered us walking along till I found the little well stocked vintage style shop in a courtyard.  Amazingly I was able to enter the shop – something you can’t do in lots of other places – and I ‘walked’ up to the counter and spotted the same wool!  It’s a fantastic and  weird  experience going into the shop again but sitting in my chair 100s miles away!

So the end result is I found the name of the wool and researched it online to get the best price 🙂  and am now stocked up again!  Tonight I will be comfortably curled up on the couch with a glass of wine, the next Beanie on the hook and a little virtual stroll round the blogs of the friendly peeps at the Handmade Harbour! Cheers! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Making Beanies (and too many other things!)

  1. Ha! i love your story about your virtual trip to the shop in Wells, what a strange world we live in these days! Great that you were able to get some more of your lovely wool though, the beanies do look fab in it 🙂 x

  2. I know how you feel. My problem is, all of those “projects” are still IN my head and there’s NO time to get them out! — I’ve got a big craft show this Saturday and too busy with a couple of Custom-orders from my last Sale that also NEED to be done then. Meanwhile, a ton of “product” ideas are scrambling my brain!

    BTW, thanks for the lead on that Knitcol… I’ll have to see if I can get it on THIS side of THE POND!

  3. I love Google earth. It’s brilliant as I have no sense of direction as can research where I’m going first without getting too lost !! Never thought to use it to go shopping. Great idea.

    Good news that you were able to find the wool. Now you can add lots more knitting to your TMPOTG…. xx

  4. I love the sound of your virtual trip – sounds great fun. I know what you mean about taking on new things when you know you really should be concentrating on more immediate events – all so tempting and it’s great to try new things. hope you have a good week.

  5. That’s a very clever way of trying to find out the shop you used before – I don’t think I’d have thought to do that. I’ve come to the conclusion that the mirriad of ideas buzzing around my head should be written on paper and I shall use them next year – far too busy this year to experiment with lots of different things.

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