Wedding Bunting!!

So last week DD and I went shopping for fabric to make  the bunting for her wedding.  As anyone who reads this blog will know, I luurrvvve fabric shopping!   🙂  We spent a happy hour in Calico Laine in Neston which is only a few minutes away,  but totally forgot the time and then had to rush off to pick up her eldest from school! Luckily we managed to find some lovely fabrics to match the lilac and white colour scheme before dashing off!

I made the bunting template really easily by folding a piece of A4 paper down into a quarter so that when opened out again it has folds making a cross.

A4 paper with penciled cross on it

draw lines from the middle side to the opposite top corner.

a4 paper folded lengthwise

draw from bottom corner to point where first two lines intersect on the fold.

bunting template cut out from A4 paper

result is a bunting template cut out from A4 paper









Next I folded my fabric with the right sides together and pinned two templates to the wrong side and drew round them before moving them along.

fabric templates

lay template out and draw round it then move to side

fabric bunting triangle

Cut out the fabric about a inch from the drawn line.


You can now easily sew in a  straight line and  no worry about leaving perfect 1/4 inch seams as these are trimmed later!  Don’t forget to leave half the top line undone to enable you to turn the fabric to the right side at the end.





sew along the pencil line

sew along the pencil line


trim away the seams to leave about quarter of an inch







Now after turning the flags right sides out, fold inwards the edges of the hole you left  and pin some ribbon or bias binding along the top to hold all the flags together and close up where the hole was.  I also tried top sewing one of the flags to see if I like the look, not sure really.

top sewing on flag
flags with ribbon pinned on

flags with ribbon pinned on







Obviously I will have many more of these for the final wedding bunting and will sew on the top ribbon properly when I have decided whether or not to top sew every flag!

Just a few more to make now! First though I am off over to Handmade Monday to see what everyone else has been up to!

Additional Note!

Finished Bunting after the Wedding!

lilac wedding bunting

Wedding Bunting on the Top Table


14 thoughts on “Wedding Bunting!!

  1. Thanks for the great tip on how to make a template for bunting, and the detailed instructions too. I keep toying with the idea of making some bunting, maybe I’ll finally get round to it!

  2. I love fabric shopping too, though recently I’ve had to do it online. Now there’s a great way of spending an evening…..

    I want to make some bunting for my sewing room so will use your tutorial as it’s so quick, easy, yet very effective xx

  3. oooh fabric shopping, one of the best things to do! Pretty bunting.
    p.s. yes you guessed right on my cottage!

  4. Lovely bunting and a great tutorial. Persoanlly I prefer the look of bunting without top stitching. Not sure why.

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