Knitting Socks!

I don’t know how many of you read Attic 24 ? But Lucy recently posted about her foray into sock knitting, as opposed to her usual crocheting.   Well half the world (including me) seems to have gone sock bonkers been inspired to also take up sock knitting and the wool that Lucy used has vanished from sale as have nearly all the circular needles in 2.5mm! I tried to order from Amazon but they were cleaned out and didn’t have a restock date! The power of social media eh?!

I did manage to find some wool in the same range, but not the colour way as that had sold out completely! I managed to secure some pretty alternatives  though!

4 balls of sock wool

My 4 varieties of sock wool!

I couldn’t just order one ball though like a sensible person, no I had to have 4 so that I didn’t pay postage! Saving money! Totally justified 😜.

I selected my ball for my first ever hand knitted sock and joined the online support group called Winwick Mum Sock a long! The sock pattern was designed by Christine Perry  aka Winwick Mum and the FB group is full of devotees who are willing and eager to be as helpful as needed.

My post in the group of this picture has about 70 Likes!!

Opal sock wool and knitting needes

The adventure begins!


I was quite excited when I posted the above, but that soon gave way to frustration and misery as I tried to make the tiny little needles behave! So much harder than my lovely, comfy crochet hook! I’ve also got a gap in my knitting which obviously shouldn’t be there and I am a little embarrassed yet to own up in the FB group! Hopefully I can do a bit more this evening  and get it in better shape!

So that’s my crafting for the next few weeks sorted! As well of course as making Santa sacks for the grandchildren, finishing patchwork Yule items and making family pressies!

I’m going to hop round Handmade Monday blogs this evening and tomorrow where I shall undoubtably find most people have finished and wrapped their crafty presents already! Ho Ho Ho!

9 thoughts on “Knitting Socks!

  1. I haven’t graduated to sock doing yet, however, when it comes to Circ needles and tight circles, I do have some experience. Which, has taught me, to *switch* to Straight ones! It’s fiddly with the fingers and, a massive PAIN! BUT, unless your circ-cord is longer and *really* flexible [as in totally LIMP] and the needle bits are really short, it all pretty much gets impossible to do… Just use 5 needles [stitches on 4] with plugs on the ends to keep stuff from slipping off! And, if you can, stagger the needle “breaks”… Every few rows or so, slide a stitch or two over to the next needle, that should cure your “gap” problem.
    Whatever, GOOD LUCK!

  2. I made a sock once when I was about 15. It was SO big I ended up using it as a Christmas decoration and never tried again!
    I love Attic24, such beautiful inspiration.

  3. I do knit socks – but I find it hard, slow and not much fun on the small circular needle I have, so it just gathers dust in the corner. I found that using double pointed needles was like trying to have a fight with a hedgehog (and about as successful!). Then I discovered “magic loop” – this I find really straightforward. I even knit 2 socks at a time with magic loop (avoids the dreaded second sock syndrome) Keep persevering – hopefully you’ll find a method that works for you. (Oh and I tend to order Addi Turbo circular needles from the Village Haberdashery who – normally – have quite a good stock if that’s any help)

  4. Circular knitting is an art with the join up but you will get there do not worry. Must admit the size of those needles would fill me with dread, with my eyesight not sure I would see them and forever be dropping stitches. Good Luck and love the colours you chose.

  5. Oooo you’re braver than me, my dear mum used to knit socks, she used 4 or 5 double ended needles and would knit and watch tv or talk to us kids at the same time, unless she was ‘turning the heel’ when we were not allowed to disturb or annoy her. It all looked very complicated but she made some wonderful socks 🙂

  6. I spotted some lovely socks on Pinterest which has inspired me to have a go. Not sure I could cope with 4 needles tho. Your yarn looks really nice and you will have a great pair of socks when you finish.

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