Auditioning the Fabrics

Hello!  I haven’t been around on here for quite a while so today I decided to write about ‘auditioning’ the fabrics for my grandaughter’s new quilt!

I’ve been getting over the knee replacement (much harder than anticipated) and also the return of the dreaded Sciatica!!  Having two bad legs has been pretty difficult pain wise and then to find there is an 18 week waiting list to see the Pain Consultant has been very demoralising.  Especially since the initial appointment only leads to another waiting list for the actual injection treatment, which is the only thing which made me better last time.

Anyway DH did some research and suggested buying a home ultrasound kit and it actually seems to have made a difference. I’ll never know if this time the sciatica was going to be milder or whether the daily ultrasound treatments have stopped it in its tracks so to say.  So I’m cautiously optimistic that I am improving and ohave started going about for a bit longer without any terrible repercussions.

I’ve only managed a limited amount of sewing in the last few weeks and it been more a case of sitting down with crochet hooks and a bag of cosy yarn!  But never mind that today! Today I must tell you of a new term I learnt in my weekly patchwork class, it’s called ‘Auditioning’ the fabric for a project.  So, if like me, you thought you were just messing about with your stash when you were wondering what to make and/or what to use, you weren’t, you were auditioning your fabric for a place in the final item, in my case it is a quilt.

Fabric squares for a patchwork quilt

Auditioning Patchwork squares for the quilt top!


DD is obsessed with pink girly everything after having two boys but I think it’s nicely balanced with some non pink in it.

That’s it for this week, hopefully I will be able to make it to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate on Saturday and I’ll have lots to write about next Handmade Monday! 


10 thoughts on “Auditioning the Fabrics

  1. What a good idea, I recently started a hand pieced patchwork cushion and half way through decided I didn’t really like the colours I had chosen. I’m really wishing I had put more thought into it. I currently trying to work out how much I need to undo and what I can save!
    Hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon.

  2. Haha, I love the term ‘auditioning’ so do the runners up go back in the box until the next production?
    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, pain is a terrible thing and can really pull you down, hopefully you are now back on the way up.
    Jan x

  3. I love the choices of fabric for the quilt. Although theres nothing wrong with hours and hours of crochet (I’m biased of course!). I love the use of the word ‘auditioning’. I think it could be applied to any craft where you have to play around and consider colour or materials. Like when I’m shuffling balls of yarn around to choose colours for a new design! I hope you feel better soon. Pain is so debilitating *hugs*

  4. Must admit I am drawn to pink and think the colour combinations you have selected look great.

    Sorry about your pain but lets hope your machine is doing a good job for you.

  5. That phrase does make me laugh – I obviously audition the papers and embellishments when I’m making cards because I spend ages trying out combinations! I hope you get less pain soon, I know how awful it is.

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