Hippy Quilt has Ears!

Well this week I have been quite a lot busier crafting wise.   I have been making things for my camping holiday as every year I go away for a few days with my old friend and our assorted children and grandchildren.  I go in my Dandy camper, this is a cross between a trailer tent and a camper and  can be put up in 15 mins!  It has a proper bed, a settee and  2 proper windows so  I have just made some new curtains, cushions and bunting for mine and finished off the hippy type quilt I have been making. I posted about making the top from a jelly roll a few week’s ago in this post here.  Now it has a fluffy inside and a soft fleecy backing!  The fleece is from IKEA and is quite heavy so I should be really warm on chilly nights in a Welsh field!  I don’t know about everyone else, but I tend to rush things which are for myself and end up with something which isn’t quite how it was intended to be.  I make so much for selling which has to be perfect that I get sloppy when it’s only for me.

quilt with fleecy backing sewn into pointy ears

my hippy quilt with it’s ears!

Hence when sewing on  the fleece backing I ended up with it sort of twisted and misaligned as I came to the end of the row (I never pin in place when it’s my own stuff!)

Anyway  fortunately I had a brilliant idea and made the extra fleecy at each corner into a feature – the quilt now has ‘ears’

I have been thinking recently that I should be more careful with things I make for my own use as it doesn’t make a very good advert for my business really!

Well I’m off to continue packing – it’s a thunderstorm outside at the moment – I really hope it’s not like this tomorrow on the Lleyn Peninsula!!    My plan is to be sunbathing and swimming this coming week whilst my husband gets on with all the jobs here that need doing!  🙂

But first it’s over to Handmade Monday for a look at what everyone else has been doing! See you next week with some pictures of my glamped up Dandy!










8 thoughts on “Hippy Quilt has Ears!

  1. Have a fantastic time camping – hope it stops raining for you. I must admit my sewing can be a little slapdash – the skirt I just made for my daughter looks great – just don’t inspect under the hem, it wouldn’t be a saleable item – but as it isn’t I don’t worry too much.

  2. Seems we’re all the same when it comes to making things for ourselves! I made a couple of cushion covers for my Mum this morning and when I finished them thought I should have taken a bit more time as I wouldn’t want anyone to think that everything I make is slapdash (not that they are Mum if you’re reading……..)

  3. Have a wonderful time – hop the sun shows its face! I think we all tend to think “it’ll do” when making for ourselves. And only perfection (or something very close) is good enough for customers!

  4. I think we’re all guilty of cutting corners when making things for ourselves. How many times have we used ‘no one will know’!!!!
    IKEA do wonderful fleeces and they’re so inexpensive. I used one as backing for a lap quilt and it cost me less than £5.
    Have a great holiday xx

  5. Your camper sounds wonderful. I love how your turned your ‘error’ into a feature.
    Have a wonderful week. I hope the sun keeps shining for you.
    Ali x

  6. Great idea turning the twisting into ears. Hope you have a great holiday, hopefully with good weather.

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