Driving home in snowstorm

It’s Friday!!!  Driving home tonight in a snowstorm – quite scary!  I’m on a course at the moment so away Wednesday – Friday and it’s always difficult driving home at the end ‘cos i’s shattered!  Tonight was even worse as a horrible snowstorm had started in Knowsley.  The roads were slippy and visibility bad.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

When I left on Wednesday night I was nearly finished making a new mobile ‘phone cover as I had just sold the one of Folksy. I was sewing away trying to finish it before I left and getting more and more tired.  Then I remembered what I had learnt on my course – PACING !!  Also ‘Take a break before you Ache’   – very good advice but oh so hard to follow when you want to finish an item.  So, shouders already beginning to ache, I put down the item and left it unfinished with the needle and thread ready for when I returned.

It was hard leaving it unfinished – it didn’t feel right – but my shoulders did! – much less pain and stiffness from not overdoing it.  So now I am home again and tomorrow I will finish the cover in a very short time – no harm done at all.  i could finish it tonight but, – I don’t think so!  –  Friday night is steak and chips and wine night with husband!!   Bye –  I’m off to scoff and wash it down with nice glass of Merlot 🙂

2 thoughts on “Driving home in snowstorm

  1. I very much like the idea of ‘Take a break before you ache’. Glad you’re home safe, keep warm this week-end and Happy 100th Handmade Monday, Jo x

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