Day of rest and the journey into ‘Mindfulness’

Not been a very productive day today 🙁

I had high hopes of today as I really need to increase my handmade items for the Fairangels’ craft fair on March 2nd  but in the end it turned into a day of rest and and reading/watching not making.

It’s not easy some days when pain takes over your mind, but I have been learning about Mindfulness recently and it has been helpful in dealing with difficult situations.  For example, struggling to get out of the car always makes me feel very embarrassed as I imagine what I must look like and what neighbours might be thinking.  Mindfulness has taught me to ‘live in the moment’ not anticipating future problems or predicting what others might be saying, or reliving past hurts, but just being.  It also teaches us  to really notice our surroundings in the moment – so when pulling myself up on the car door in front of the fence I began to study the woodgrain and then the composition of the snow on the ground.  These thoughts filled my your mind and so before I realised I was standing up and hobbling towards the door!

Anyway tonight I am going to practice mindfulness to really take note of the lovely things that the talented crafters over at Wendy’s Handmade Monday 

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