Beanies, Blankets , Cross Stitch and Cushions!

Well this was going to be the dreaded ‘week of the tax return’  !  But, when I registered online to start it,  I discovered they have to send a code through the post before you can fill it in – and it took all week to arrive!  Good job I didn’t leave it till the last week in January to begin the process or it would have been an expensive mistake!!   However I wasn’t bored at all because as well as progressing with my Attic 24 style ripple blanket I started another beanie using the lovely Adriafil Knitcol wool.

Ripple Blanket in mixed colours.

Second week of Ripple Blanket!

Also,  I went to the Abakhan sales and bought fabric to make cushions for my daughter’s new house!  I have 2 weeks till her birthday so should manage to get those done in time!  I am using some very nice bird patterned fabric for the front, with a plain linen look for the back.

bird pattern fabric from abakhan

Bird patterned fabric for daughter’s cushions

One interesting thing I found whilst doing my crochet is that real wool is much easier on the hands than acrylic, even though it is premium Stylecraft.   The Adriafil Knitcol just slips through my fingers and hook with ease, but the acrylic seems to have a little resistance, and so takes more effort to work with.  It’s a shame my ripple blanket is in the acrylic as it’s going to take quite a while to finish.  I think I will be looking for any 100% wool bargains I can find in the future though, even if it means waiting a while as the difference it makes as to how much crochet I can do and how tiring it becomes is quite remarkable.  I wonder if this is a common difference between wool and acrylic  or more down to my arthritis and fibro problems?

Here is my completed Beanie which is going in my Folksy shop. My other one sold in London quite quickly.

beanie in varigated pink, yellow and orange wool

Beanie with wavy edging

I also couldn’t resist buying some more Aida and embroidery hoops from Abakhan.  I find cross stitch and crochet  such relaxing evening crafts whilst watching TV after doing my sewing in the day time.   So tonight it’s Dancing on Ice and a bit of cross stitch and crochet and a mooch round the Handmade Harbour!   What are you doing?

10 thoughts on “Beanies, Blankets , Cross Stitch and Cushions!

  1. I just tried to leave a comment but i’m not sure if it registered… if it did, i’m sorry if i’m repeating myself!

    I had the same thing happen with my tax return! I’m just waiting for the code now… i wonder how many people will miss the deadline.. :/

    Your ripple blanket is coming on beautifully, i really look forward to seeing it completed. The fabric for your cushions is gorgeous and i love the beanie too – i’m sure it will be snapped up soon! x

    • No it’s only arrived once! It happened to me trying to comment on others’ posts tonight – I ended up leaving two somewhere! Yes the tax return code thing is a bit of a surprise – am sure people will get caught out unfortunately.

  2. Oh that dreaded tax return!

    Love the beanie! Looks cute. I tried my hand at a friendship bracelet while watching DOI. Pity about the guy who got voted off.

  3. wow. You Guys in the U.K. have to do your TAXES by the end of Jan.?? yuck! — it’s Apr.15 in the U.S. and the end of April here in Canada. – We’re just too busy Shovelling to worry about giving the Gov’t any *more* money!!

    Anyhoo, I haven’t used synthetic yarns in years! I usually crochet with cotton and knit with 100% wool. Usually something with more merino in it. If you can get it, alpaca is soft on the hands.

    BTW, love the bird fabric! Looks like crewelwork..?

    • I think I like merino best but am not sure about the ethics of using it because of how they treat the sheep. I want to find an ok source really. I have had since last April to do my tax return!!

  4. Your crocheting is coming along splendidly. I could be wrong but I think the reason why wool is easier to use is because of lanolin. It’s a oil that’s present in the fibers so will act as a lubricant xx

  5. I love that ripple blanket, and your beanie looks gorgeous, I’m sure it will sell quickly. Good luck with your tax return, I’m relieved that I did mine in the middle of last year (though did just panic in case I got the tax year wrong)

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