Welcoming Charlotte

Great surprises this week! Firstly my daughter had her baby a week early last Tuesday! Labour started on Monday evening while my mum and I were having dinner with them.  I soon found myself bathing two boys, struggling with pyjamas and reading about a shiny goldfish, then massaging my daughter’s back as the pains just got stronger.  She didn’t feel like it was actually imminent so I made it back home and got into bed at midnight only to get the call to go back round and babysit at 1am!

I was too excited to sleep as my son in law was texting me the updates – 2am – 5cm, 2.30am – 9cm, 3am – she was born twenty minutes ago! I celebrated in the kitchen with a tea and fairy cake before going back to bed exhausted.

3.30am ‘ping’, daughter sends picture to my ‘phone! 4am ‘ping’ more pictures! 4.30am I give up trying to sleep 😞 and text her to see if they are keeping her in or not.  4.30am ish I must’ve passed out 😴 5.20am ‘boom’ wahhhhhh’ wail – where’s mummy? Yep, the monsters were awake.  We sat in their parents’ bed looking at pictures of their new sister which was feeling rather special – for about 5 minutes – then it was ‘Granny, can we go and play on the X box?’ – needless to say as soon as I said ‘no’ it was ‘mummy lets us’ .  Ha! do they think I don’t know all the tricks!!  Poor Mummy and Daddy arrived home at 6.30am to find the three of us staring out the bedroom window at them.    😃  As their dad went to get the bags out of the boot, the eldest one said in amazement ‘ they’ve put her in the boot!!!!

my new little granddaughter is Charlotte, but not because of the other Charlotte, unfortunately Daughter had already chosen the name when the royals announced it! She wasn’t very pleased!


My Three Grandchildren

So so that was my main excitement – secondly however was seeing my tweet printed in Craftseller this month!

Page from craftseller

My tweet!



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8 thoughts on “Welcoming Charlotte

  1. What a gorgeous and beautiful baby, huge congratulations to you and your family. Her brothers look really proud too, I’m sure they’ll be keen to help look after the baby (for a while at least!)

  2. Aww, huge congratulations! What a lovely story, I was reading avidly with a smile on my face. I hope the tiny new addition is settling in well with the family. Looks like she’s going to be very well loved by her big brothers!

  3. Oooo a lovely post, congratulations, and yes we nan’s know all the tricks…. mum lets me have chocolate in bed!… dad lets me have the xbox before school!!… we’ve heard them all 🙂 try again kiddo’s your talking to an expert here 🙂

  4. WOOHOO!! *CONGRATS* all round!!
    Geez, they sure don’t let you stay IN hospital long these days do they?! — I can imagine your daughter waking up later saying, “..I had the weirdest dream…”
    ANYHOO, hope that EVERYONE is doing WELL!

    BTW, I hope her Brothers know that in about 18 months time the SHE’ll be *beating* Their butts at XBOX!!

  5. Congratulations! She’s so lucky to have two big brothers to look after her. Mine still look out for me even though they are in their 50s! Love the whole story x

  6. How lovely 🙂 And good on your daughter escaping after 4 hours! I tried, the shortest time I managed was about 10 hours, it was still enough to drive me a bit nuts.

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