Road trip to Dundee and Vintage Fabric Finds!

Just home from a road trip to Dundee!

Having read about the antique and collectables place in Abernyte on Highland Monkeys’ blogpost last week I persuaded everyone on the road trip (mum, sister, aunties)  to visit there on Friday morning as Penelope had kindly sent me the address!  It was wonderful finding the vintage fabric corner – I nearly upended myself trying to reach over a table to get to the bottom shelves!    I had hold of some old French linen and a French cotton tablecloth for ages but eventually put them back and bought some vintage linen embroidered napkins which were in better condition.

Vintage Embroidered napkins in white with brown thread

The tablecloth I nearly bought was  red print scenes of French countryside and was so soft I was very tempted, but it was quite badly soiled and worn thin in places and I wondered if it would yield enough good cloth to actually make anything in the end.  However, now I am back home so annoyed I didn’t get it !!  Typical!

I did get a lovely surprise though as just before we left, my Aunty Audrey who lives in Dundee, gave me a bag of her own vintage table fabrics – some had been given to her as a wedding present over 50 years ago and one set had been a wedding gift to her old employer so they must be around 100 years old!  There were also some vintage beads she brought back from South Africa!  The fabrics will need cleaning but they are beautiful and I can’t wait to start my ‘vintage patchworkfairy’ line!

white lace mat beads on lace napkin Beads on white lace napkin vintage cotton cover vintage cotton cover opaque panel

Vintage Lace Napkins

Vintage Lace Napkins

purple beads on lace


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