Patchwork Quilting Course

So this was the second week at my patchwork quilting course and I thoroughly enjoyed it again.  This course has not been what I expected at all – so far we haven’t used a sewing machine at the course – only at home!  We have learnt to cut out and hand sew pieces of fabric which are sewn together to make up 12″ ‘blocks’.   Each block is made up differently using varying techniques.   Out of the 6 blocks needed, so far I have two blocks finished and two half finished.

One of the nice things about learning techniques by hand sewing is that it is very relaxing and quite therapeutic to have to sit and sew, away from normal life .   It’s also  easy to listen to the tutor whilst sewing by hand.   I now have several squares, hexagons, diamonds and hearts made up, some of which are to be used as applique on top of background fabric.  I have taken some pictures as I sewed at home for putting together a tutorial on some of the techniques I have learnt.  I will be uploading these in the next few weeks  but for now here is a peak at what I have been doing.

two hexagonal pieces of fabric, one is kight ourple the other is yellow with a purple butterfly

Starting to sew hexagons together


As the weather has been so warm and sunny I have been sitting in the shade at the bottom of the garden sewing up all my fabric pieces! – Bliss!  Here is the hexagon doily first row after the centre completed

6 pale purple hexagons of fabric sewn around a middle yellow one. The yellow one has a purple butterfly on it.

Hexagon Doily – one more round to sew yet!

We have ‘homework’ each week which has meant a lot of sewing.  Before the next lesson I have to buy some more fabric to use as the backing.  Oh the hardship! A trip to buy more fabric :).  But more about all that and the rest of the course in a future post, now I am off on my weekly trip round the crafty blogs over at Handmade Monday!