Warm Walks – it’s nearly Spring!

Burton mere lake with ducks on

Burton Mere 1st pic

I love this time of year when a hint of Spring is in the air!  After the torrential rain of the last few days it was so uplifting to see sunshine this morning.  We are lucky though, that we don’t live in a flooded area and I feel very sorry for all the families who do, it must be very miserable.

As it was so bright we went for a walk today to enjoy the air. The two photos here were taken about 40 minutes apart and show how quickly the light deteriorates in February, and with it the warmth as it went from comfy to chilly as well!  It was beautiful at Burton Mere though, it has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Burton Mere late afternoon

Burton Mere 2nd pic

I haven’t done as much of my ripple blanket (Attic 24) as I hoped as I have also started another blanket which is a pattern of mitred squares based on the pattern (here) –  which I will then make up into my own pattern for the blanket.

Mitred suares wool crochet blanket

Mitred Squares

I can’t seem to stop the beginning corners curling up so I will have to steam block them before I join them all up I think.  I must make the foundation chains too tight, but I can’t seem to not do it!

Lastly here is the Ripple!  I bought some more wool as I felt I needed more pinky, raspberry shades!

ripple blanket in multi coloured acrylic yarn


I do like colourful blanket-making when it’s cold and rainy but don’t think it will be as much fun when it’s warm when you are a menopausal hot flush machine!! – so I need to get cracking while it’s still only Spring!!

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