‘Dog’s Trousers’!

Actually I haven’t made any ‘Dog’s Trousers ‘! it’s just that I felt like shouting out ‘Dog’s Trousers’!! when I found that the dog’s bed was ripped ( I wonder how?!!) and bits of memory foam were all over the kitchen 🙁  Dog’s Trousers!!  is a phrase I learned from Radio Merseyside when Billy Butler once had a ‘phone in for people to tell the strange things their parents’ had uttered in an attempt not to swear.  Unfortunately ‘Dog’s Trousers’ has stuck in my mind and sort of comes out unbidden in times of stress.

Anyway the mess in the kitchen made me decide to make the dog a new bed!  So first I made a calico sack with one side open and into this I scooped all the memory foam – this was not a pleasant experience as the dog spends a lot of tme in bed these days – then I sewed up the gap and put the newly covered bed in the washing machine.  Next I made a nice brushed cotton cover with an envelope ‘pillowcase’ type of opening and this has gone on an old pillow as a temporary bed while the memory foam dries out.

And here she is looking like butter wouldn’t melt…. or beds wouldn’t shred….!
Jess in her new bed!
Jess on her new bed cushion!
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