Free Motion Quilting

Ooh it was an exciting day yesterday!  Of course it was the Dr Who 50th Birthday show but I was also on a free motion quilting course!  I had a lovely day learning how to free motion quilt (it’s not easy!).  Basically it sounds great – no keeping to straight lines – you can just wibbly wobbly all over the place – but actually that’s quite hard to do evenly!  Anyway I am now a lot better than before I went and so hope to be doing lots of quilted items with this free motion style of quilting in the future.  Here is one thing we did learning how to do different types of stippling!  – some loose threads there as this was just a first practice!

cream fabric with self coloured stippling



As well as the course I was also getting ready for my first big fair in 3 weeks!  The passes came on Friday!  I was so excited!

exhibitor pass for Handmade Christmas at the 02

exhibitor passes

And lastly, I have been working with my ‘hippy’ fabric – I have loved every minute of it as I  really am just an old hippy!!  These would be great for free motion quilting I think – swirly hippy psychedelic patterns!! (more loose threads as these are not finished off yet).

tablet covers in psychedelic hippy fabric

hippy fabric bags and tablet covers

And now over to Handmade Monday!  I love my Sunday evening stroll round the blogs!