Flowery hat making!

It’s been half term this week so my OH has been home.  I don’t seem to get as much crafting done when we’re both here as we have been out doing things.  One day we had a lovely trip to  Llyn  Brenig.  It’s a reservoir with a very peaceful stillness about it and a beautiful place for a walk across the reservoir or in the surrounding forests.  Until this occasion it was also the place where I had my second best ever piece of Victoria Sandwich cake, however they have redone the café and I think they might be trying to recoup the expense through the catering.  Suffice to say this is no longer somewhere I have fond memories of afternoon tea, although the atmosphere for walking is still wonderful!

I have managed this week to do  just a little bit of the ripple blanket and more of the same mitred squares – neither is worth posting a picture about – but I have managed to complete a new flowery hat!  I bought some amazing new wool online last month and it arrived this week  – it’s called’ Flower Colour Wool’ by Grundl and is very pretty.  Here is what it looks like crocheted into the base circle for a hat.

flower wool for a new crochet hat

right side of crocheted hat base

and here is the reverse side which is also very pretty as you can see the colours more:

flower wool reverse side

reverse side of treble crochet

It’s a mixture of treble crochet and back post stitch and easy to do once you get the hang of working round the little curly bits which form the ‘flowers’.

Here is the finished hat – I love it but it’s quite an eccentric hat my daughter said so I haven’t been out in public in it yet!

purple and pinky flower wool hat

Flower Wool Crochet Hat

And here is the reverse side:

flower eff3ct of using flower wool

back of hat showing the flower effect


So what do you think?

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