Review of Crafty What Nots!

A couple of week’s ago I had a very exciting delivery in the post!

brown box postal delivery

Crafty What Nots Box arrives!

I love getting parcels and this one contained completely unknown items which made it all the more exciting!   It was lovely opening it up and seeing a hint of the contents through the opaque white tissue paper!

inside all wrapped up!

inside all wrapped up!

This is ‘Floral Pavillion’ sample of  a Crafty What Nots box of craft goodies from!

Here are the contents!

craft items

beautifully packaged craft items

Opened out!

craft bits and bobs - even a note book with my name on!

craft bits and bobs

There were floral cut outs, buttons, coloured twine, sticky pads, some butterfly embellishments, two little magnets, two coloured chalky ink pads, a flower stencil, not to mentions some very nice paper and card stock!!

pretty floral craft papers

floral and vintage themed papers and cardstock

The selection contained paper and card of different thicknesses and finish – I especially like the textured vintage florals!


All this had been sent to me by Jenny for me to review as part of her new business venture Crafty What Nots!

Included were some white ready folded card to make into greetings cards or anything else which you might dream up!

pristine white card stock, prettily packaged

pristine white card stock, prettily packaged

Within the box Jenny sends some detailed instructions on how to make your own sweet little cardboard handbag!

detailed instructions

detailed instructions

and also some suggestions for other projects!

project ideas using the contents from the box

project ideas using the contents from the box

I haven’t used all the craft items yet but I did try out the chalky ink pads as the Peony and Blue colours really appealed to me.  I used these and some of the floral shaped embellishments  to make two cards!  Jenny supplies little sticky foam pads so making the cards was easy!



first attempt at cards

I thought the plant card would just need a ‘happy birthday’ stamp at the side to finish it off but I haven’t got one of my own so will sort through the Craftseller free papers and I am sure I will find something!

I also made myself a little floral storage box!


I have to say I really had fun making these things and I still have a lot of the content to continue creating pretty things.  The contents inside the delivery box were presented beautifully and all of the items were useful as well as attractive.  Even the ribbons and twine used to tie the items together could be used in a project.

Jenny sends out these boxes on request and the one I received, contains around  £20 of retail price craft items but would only cost you £12.50 plus £2.50 p&p.

There are discounts available if you order more than one at a time, and each has different themes. – see Jenny’s  website for more information!

I think these boxes would make a very exciting gift to send to a crafty friend or family member.  Imagine being off sick, laid up in bed and receiving one of these instead of flowers!!   There are all sorts of occasions when these boxes would be fun to receive – including treating yourself!!

Well I hope you enjoyed the peak into the box!  I’m now going to link up with Handmade Monday and see what else is going on in the crafty world! x