Sewing Caddy and Visit to London

Well this week has been a catching up and making useful things time as I have been on a little trip which took most of my energy!  I went to London overnight with my daughter and two grandchildren to see my son-in-law -to -be  getting an award from work as he has been ‘down there’ on a training course for 8 weeks.  Here we are on our sightseeing day!

Granny and Max outside Buckingham Palace

Granny and Max outside Buckingham Palace

Although I had a lovely time the only energy I had left for sewing was enough to make a very small thing – a caddy to hang from under my sewing machine to keep  my scissors and seam ripper always to hand!.  I had been promising myself a sewing caddy for ages as they don’t take very long to make really.  I used a fat quarter which had cats and kittens neatly depicted in little squares just the right size for pockets!


After heming the cat fabric I sewed it  on to a plain calico background and then sewed straight lines to make separate pockets. On the top I sewed some little loops of bias binding for my tweezers etc and to the right I made a little pocket, stuffed it with left over fabric strips and used it as a pin cushion!
Sewing Machine with new Sewing Caddy
Sewing Machine with new Sewing Caddy

So that was my week, what about everyone else over at Handmade Monday? Why not take a peek at what they have been up to!!


11 thoughts on “Sewing Caddy and Visit to London

  1. Brilliant idea. I could use one of these. All my sewing tools are just balanced carefully on the edge of my sewing cabinet.

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