Granny Squares and Ponchos!

In keeping with new year and new resolutions/ways of working etc I am trying to finish all my WiPs before I start anything else!  This was been going well as I have finished my small granny square blanket and am getting well on the way with my Simply Crochet Poncho! However today I have had great news!!!! News I have been hoping for but trying not to get too fixated. ….. So … Well – after two grandsons I am now going to get a granddaughter!

So now it’s pink pink pink all the way! Pink Quilt! Pink Blankets Pink Dresses!   I won’t make everything in pink as my daughter is not a pink fiend at all but it will be so nice to make some things in pinks and purples and flowers and hearts!

Here is my Granny Square blanket – it is now going to be a pram blanket!

Granny square blanket

Cowl Neck Poncho from Simply Crochet

Half completed poncho!


And here is where I am up to with my Simply Crochet Poncho – the cowl neck is quite loose which is what I wanted and the length is now the finished length according to the pattern but I am going to make it longer. I hope to be able to show the finished item by next week! Just need to decide on the remaining colours! So that leaves me with the difficult path of finishing off the poncho before crocheting a little baby dress! Will I manage it?  No idea – but next week I should have something done to show anyway

Over now to Handmade Monday and it’s quite sad as I have just read that it will be the last one! I have enjoyed being part of this and will miss it! Hope to see some of you around in blogland though!


11 thoughts on “Granny Squares and Ponchos!

  1. Congratulations on you first grandaughter, my sister-in-law has 9 grandchildren – the first 8 were boys and the last one was finally a girl! Your poncho looks lovely and snuggly and you have chosen some lovely colours 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the news of your new granddaughter. Oh I can see she will be spoilt with lots of pink wooly items. The blanket looks gorgeous and I love the poncho. I’m going to have to pop back to see it when it’s completed. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  3. Congratulations. I bet you can’t wait make lots of pretty dresses for your granddaughter. I’m sure she’ll love your new blanket.

    Good luck with all your WIP’s xx

  4. Please come and continue to join in with Handmade Monday, I shall be hosting it on my site from this Sunday but everything else remains the same.

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