A Basket of Bunnies!

I am having a mad week making all things Bunny!  This is because I was reading Pillows-a-la-mode blog and was entranced by a pic of a basket of bunnies!  Katherine, the blogger,  gives the link to the pattern which is here and I couldn’t help myself –  I just had to make some!  So about an hour later …..

basket of fabric bunnies in red and white and green and white.

Basket O’ Bunnies!


I added some eyes to a couple of them although not on the pattern.  They are very quick to make if you have pinking shears! They are now adorning my living room much to the amusement of visitors!




Next I made some bunny bunting!

Bunny and Egg Felt Bunting

Bunny Bunting!


Another very easy project – just bunny shapes cut from felt  (my freehand drawing) and egg shapes (template cut from Craftseller mag) with little bows cut out of the scraps!

It’s so nice making things like this for fun, especially when it’s supposed to be Spring but it’s hailing and blowing a chilly wind!! I am part way through a mobile ‘phone case with guess what on the front?  Yep, a Bunny!


I did do some ‘serious’ making as well this week 🙂  I added these lovely fragrant hanging hearts to my folksy shop!

hanging hearts in Liberty tana lawn fabric

Lavender Liberty Hearts


hanging hearts in Liberty tana lawn fabric

Lavender Liberty Hearts

hanging hearts in Liberty tana lawn fabric

Hanging Heart in Liberty Fabric

I  bought some lavender in bulk and have been stuffing things all week.  You might wonder why the bunnies in the basket of  basket look a little startled?  Well wouldn’t you if you’d had dried lavender stuffed up your bum?!!!





Off to link up at Handmade Monday now!








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9 thoughts on “A Basket of Bunnies!

  1. Oooh lots of lovely things! Your hearts are soooo pretty, i love the ‘half and half’ effect, they’re gorgeous. Your startled bunnies are so cute! I must get myself some pinking shears, these look too fun to miss out on! x

  2. I loved Catherines’s bunny’s too, glad you were inspired to make your own:) Looks like you have had a great productive week,

  3. These little bunnies are adorable. Such a cute idea. And, I’m sure the lavender filled hearts are lovely. I hope you have a great week!

  4. There are so many bunnies there, they look like they’re about to hop out of the basket! They look so sweet.

  5. They are gorgeous, I’m definitely going to be making some bunnies this week! Lucy will love them.

  6. The little bunnies look so adorable. I think I might make some for myself though they’ll have to make do with just stuffing up their bum as I don’t have any lavender…

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