Sewing for the xmas market!

No more lolling in reflection this week!  I am on a countdown to the Handmade Christmas at the  02 and have to increase my stock dramatically!  So I’ve tried to get up early and get some morning sewing in before I get too tired.  Trouble is I want to try out all my ideas but designing and making prototypes is very time consuming although very interesting!

So here’s what I managed:

Owl pouch

Owl pouch

I though this would be a nice little pouch for a child’s reading book or for a kindle?


fox bag

small fox bag

This one is a small shoulder bag -it has orange spot fabric inside!







And these are healing hearts! – Each is stuffed with soft filling and includes essential oils so they smell lovely.  I am going to attach some of the red string I think, but I am not sure.  The idea is that they would be a nice gift instead of, or as well as a card for an unwell person.  They are all Reiki blessed as well as I am a Reiki Master.  What do you think?  Are there too many stuffed hearts on the market all ready?


photo (5)Now over to Handmade Monday for the usual weekly read and see what everyone else is making!










16 thoughts on “Sewing for the xmas market!

  1. I’ve seen quite a few hearts before but not any healing hearts and certainly not any Reiki hearts, so I think yours will be quite unique.

  2. aww that owl fabric is sooooo adorable! I think the pouch is a great idea as its really versatile.

    The idea of healing hearts is lovely too, i could see these appealing to lots of people – stuffed hearts might be a popular make but there a popular purchase too! 🙂

  3. I thought the market might have been overstuffed with stuffed hearts by now! and had just about to stop making any but have been selling them regularly again at the last few fairs 🙂

  4. I love the idea of the hearts with essential oils and you can never have too many hearts. The owl fabric is lovely too. Im sure everything will do well at the O2 arena.
    Have a great week ☆

  5. Your makes are lovely, I really like the hearts. All the fabric is gorgeous. I was interested to read you a reiki healer. I have a bad back and have given up on traditional medicine and this is something I’ve considered trying. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

    • Reiki won’t do any harm and as it’s usually deeply relaxing it can help to start self healing processes. If your back trouble is muscular related it would definitely be good to try it. I’d love to know how you get on if you try it!

  6. I love the fabric you’ve used for the hearts, its a great idea to send to someone who is feeling unwell. I don’t live far from the O2 so might have to pop along to say hello 🙂

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