Crocheting Kidsilk Creation Stripe Yarn Tutorial


Crochet Kidsilk Creation Stripe

The Kidsilk Creation Stripe yarn before being crocheted

Now this is a gorgeous mohair and silk mix yarn!  It comes as a long skein and looks like a light fluffy knitted mesh!  it’s the sort of wool you fall immediately in love with but then start wondering just how do you crochet it! So while I was making mine into a scarf I took some pictures to use in this turorial.  hopefully it will help you to understand how to work with the yarn!

First of all take one of the short ends of the yarn and fold it over twice just as if you were preparing to hem some fabric.  You could use embroidery thread or cotton here to make a few running stitches to ‘hem’ this end but it is not essential. Now place your hook in the middle of this folded over edge and push it  through all the layers of the mesh from front to back. Keep the yarn stretched out  lengthways to the left.

diagram of starting crocheting scarf
Starting to crochet the scarf


Crochet Kidsilk Creation StripeNow with the hook still pushed through the folded end of the yarn, bring it to the front of the yarn push it through again at the top edge of yarn a couple of inches away.  This creates two ‘stitches’ on the hook.  Now repeat this 4 more times by bringing the hook to back to the front top edge again and pushing through this top edge again about 2 inches from the last place you pushed through.



Crochet Kidsilk Creation Stripe
Once you have 6 stitches on the hook get hold of the second to top stitch  and pull it up and over the top stitch – rather like when doing French Knitting as a child on one of those bobbins with the 4 nails in the top!

Crochet Kidsilk Creation Stripe

Crochet Kidsilk Creation Stripe

Crochet Kidsilk Creation Stripe


Once the stitch has been pulled over the one above and off the hook it falls down to make the beginning of a thick sort of chain.  leaving the one that was second now at the top. Now do the same with the next stitches on the hook until there is one last loop left on the hook.




Now start again pushing your hook through the top edge of the mesh a couple of inches from the hook and bringing it back over  and repeating 5 times so you once again have 6 stitches on the hook.

Now repeat the lifting up and pulling over of the stitches, followed by  the pushing through the top edge to make 6 more.

As you move down the top edge of the length of the yarn the par on the right side which you have just worked on forms a twisty, twirly rope.

Carry on like this until you have 1 stitch on the hook and about 2 or 3  inches of yarn length left.  Now fold this end over twice as you did at the beginning. Slip the last stitch of the hook and pull it with your fingers to make the loop big enough to pull the folded end through.  Secure the end by stitching it together with embroidery thread or cotton in any way you like.  I used toning thread which I left long and threaded  beads onto to make pretty ends.

Purple and pink mohair and silk crochetd scarf.
 Finished Scarf is a twisty floaty length with a chain running along the middle.

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