Website Shop Page and Round the World Quilt Making!

Well what a week! My site has been ‘down for maintenance’ since last Sunday whilst I uploaded my products to my website shop page and sorted out the legal text you have to have about Distance Selling Regulations! It’s not that onerous a task but it sort of takes over and it does become tiring and long drawn out as I can’t spend too long on the laptop without too much pain. Anyway it’s now up and running thanks to Jon at Brill Skills!

Whilst uploading images and text for the shop I have also been making things for my stock. I really miss making things if I leave it too long! I have been wanting to do a ‘trip around the world’ quilt for ages after seeing pictures of them on pinterest. So here is my first attempt – it’s not sewn up completely, this is just the 4 panels which form the ’round the world quilt’ pattern. It’s a very easy quilt top to do as long as you are very careful when sewing the strips together! unpicking half a block is no fun at all – how do I know that? 😉

coloured squares in round pattern making a quilt top

Trip Around the World Quilt Top

And here are 4 panels with applique in the lovely red gingham and pink and cream roses fabric left over from my Abakhan project. Fabric was courtesy of Will Abakhan and hopefully you will soon see some of my project work on the Abakhan website!

red and cream patchwork squares

4 blocks with different patterns

So that’s about it – I did also start on a doorstop using a pattern from a craft magazine but that isn’t quite finished either! Maybe I should just actually complete one thing before starting the next? But where’s the fun in that eh? 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying the amazing mini summer! I’m afraid I’m a killjoy here – I have had enough of it and want to get my leggings, boots and winter dresses out! Anyway I’m off over to Handmade Harbour as usual now – see you over there?

11 thoughts on “Website Shop Page and Round the World Quilt Making!

  1. What mini summer?!! Can’t say we’ve had one here. I’ve given up trying to get my washing dry. Love your quilts, the round the world one has lovely colours. You’re a girl after my own heart with so many works in progress. Have a great week x

  2. Whilst I don’t mind being on the computer (lots of lovely blogs to read) I do prefer to sew, so, like you, I can’t wait to get back to it !!!

    Love the colours in the quilts. Can’t wait to see it finished. Where’s the fun in having just one thing on the go… xx

  3. Love the quilt. Around here we have been having mini summers and mini winters. It can sometimes change between the two day to day.

    I’m not sure if anything has been changed on your blog but now I can’t comment the way I normally do. I normally use Firefox, which is what I used to comment on your previous posts.

    This week however I can only click in the comment box when using Firefox, not the name, e-mail, website or sum boxes. I’m writing this using Chrome and I can click and type in all the boxes ok.

    Just thought I should let you know in case other reader try to comment using Firefox.

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