Recycling Dr Who!!

I decided I’d make my husband a present a while back and as he isn’t really into patchwork and flowery fabrics but is a Dr Who fan I tried to buy some Dr Who fabric.  This wasn’t easy to find and when I did it was very expensive!  Spoonflower have some really good Dr Who fabric but I didn’t want to spend that much!!  So anyway as I was trawling through ebay I came accross a Dr Who duvet cover and pillow set for sale!  It was from Next and was advertised as in really good condition so in a flurry of excitement I made a bid!  Amazingly only 1 other person bid and I immediately upped my bid and won the auction.  Woo Hoo!

Well the gamble paid off as the fabric was in beautiful condition and had a tardis on the front and some daleks and a cyberman too!

So first I cut out the Dalek from the pillow case and sewed it up stuffed it with an old duvet filling.  It makes a really nice cushion!

round blue cushion with dalek on

Dalek Cushion!






Next I cut the bottom of the duvet off and sewed it onto another piece of fabric to create a pocket and made a tool belt!

blue tool belt with dr who text

tool belt

blue tool belt with dr who text

tool belt with dr who text










End result is happy hubby!  I am not sure though if I have done anything wrong by using the fabric.  I think I can’t sell things like this but I presume it’s ok for home use only. Anyone know?

Well I’m off to Handmade Monday to see what everyone else is up to!