Working from Home

Having had two sales on folksy recently I am really pleased!  Only thing is now I need to make more items and I have a craft fair coming up on March 2nd!  A major problem for me when I am in my craft room is being distracted from making things by keep taking out my lovely fabrics, giving them a stroke and imagining the lovely things I will make with each piece.

However this does not reuslt in lots of completed items,  just a long dreamy state ending in a cup of tea and another ‘where did the time go’ feeling.  So what does everyone else do?  Have people got a rigid working from home timetable?  How do you fit in housework, visiting relatives and Granny duties?

Anyway here is my choice for my next Spring time items.   Not the same spring Wendy means over at Handmade harbour though!!

squares of cotton fabric with red or pink flowers

Sweet Floral Squares