Lazy week with a bit of dry felting!

Had a very lazy week crafting wise so not much to show!  Last week I just couldn’t get my comments to work on lots of blogs so I am really seemed to have ignored blogs who had visited mine.  Hopefully this week blogger will have sorted out the error?So this week I tried out two projects I bought at craft fairs and haven’t even opened till now!  (this is not an isolated incident I am ashamed to say!)  Things look sooo interesting and exciting I want to try them all!!

felted flowers

felted flowers attempt

I tried my dry felting kit and managed to make some felted flowers which will be good for embellishing bags or quilts, when I have perfected them a bit more that is!!  However at this rate I will never have enough stock for our stand at the Handmade xmas at 02 fair!!  Has anyone else managed to get going on xmas stock yet?  checking over at Handmade Monday!!