Goodbye Jess

This week has been a sad week.



🙁   Our lovely Jess for whom I made a new bed cover a few weeks ago became very strange last  weekend – not eating and having trembling episodes.  She was around 15, we are not quite sure as she was a rescue dog.  Anyway we ‘phoned the vets on Monday and arranged to take her in on Wednesday.  The next two days she trembled and stared vacantly intermittently but inbetween she was ok, although sleepy.  On Tuesday evening she spent her time in the garden with DH as he sorted the vegetable plantings, and later went for her usual walk.

By 11am the next day we had learned she had multi-organ failure, was too ill to come back home and the vet recommended she be put to sleep.  Jess had been bought 11 years ago as a friend for our teenage daughter so it seemed only fitting that she be given the chance to be with Jess at the end.  She did want to, and work let her off early so she could make the 3pm dreaded time with me.

We had 5 minutes or so with Jess in a side room before the vet came in.  We stroked her and patted her and she nestled into my daughter’s arms as the vet injected the potion into the drain in her leg.  Then suddenly, to the words ‘Jess is a good dog’ she slipped sideways onto my daughter’s knee and seemed to be asleep.  The vet confirmed she had gone as I asked him if she really was just asleep.  There was no sense of a soul departing, no sense of life leaving, for me at any rate she appeared to be sleeping, just as she often had, on her side, legs straight out.

We stayed a few more minutes and then stumbled out, I was crying like a baby and my daughter was the adult, guiding me out and driving me home.  I have done some sewing this week, I found it helpful in the quiet house.  I’ll have some pictures next week and hopefully feel more normal to share things at Handmade Monday