Sunny days and writing reviews!

Wow it’s Sunday again – weeks are flying by, and yes, in 5 weeks the days start to get shorter! (sorry!)  I do love the warmer weather though, not the intense summer heat of July and August but the warm Spring-nearly-Summer days which often seem uplifting and full of promise…..  somehow though I never quite do all the things I intended but at least the weather does make everything  more pleasant – especially  boring housework jobs!  I  love being able to wash and dry throws, dusters and cleaning cloths all in one day!  This week I have been washing and drying old wool blankets for felting – the fluff in the tumble drier was amazing – I kept thinking I should make something out of it but maybe that is taking upcycling just too far?!!

I haven’t had any success with my loft-stored  wool by leaving in out in the sun for a couple of days  – it still has the ‘dusty’ smell so now I am going to try washing it all.  I will take a picture of my washing line full of tights stuffed with wool and post it here next week!

I’ve spent some of the warm days out in the garden working on the review section of my website this week.  I always enjoy finding and reading reviews of items on blogs where it’s more of a how-useful-is-this-in-real-life type of review instead of the short one sentence ones on manufacturers websites, so I decided to write about my experiences using things and post them here for others who are researching before buying.  As crafters we have a wealth of varying experience and it seems a shame not to share our knowledge.   It’s a section of my site which will be an ongoing project with new reviews and updates added along the way.  As I just got my Huskylock overlocker back from being fixed  it’s time I added that to my machine section!

I was very happy indeed to find that it had a 5 year guarantee so it was sorted out by Jaycotts (where I bought it from) at no cost except for the £11 for a new blade!  I thoroughly recommend Jaycotts in Chester.  They sell online but also have  small unit where you can see sewing machines and threads and notions and purchase things from the online stock.  It’s so nice to have real people to talk to about your machine and who will service and mend things – something you don’t get if you buy online or from ebay!.

Off now to link up with handmade Monday… see you there?


6 thoughts on “Sunny days and writing reviews!

  1. Haha! Looking forward to seeing the tights and yarn on the line! It’s great, being able to throw open doors and windows, and getting all that washing dry, eh?! Your reviews sound like a brill idea. Have a great week, Chris # 12 xx

  2. I always feel like a ghost writer when I visit your blog with not being able to see your name, etc 🙂 I wonder what your neighbours are going to think about the stuffed tights hanging on the line. Please post a pic of them. I think reviews from other crafters are really useful so I’ll certainly be checking out what you have to say. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  3. Hehe i love the idea of washing your balls of wool in tights! I hope it works!

    Your reviews section sounds like a great idea, its always so useful to be able to read other people’s feedback 🙂 x

  4. I love the idea of a review section, because I always look for reviews before I make any big purchases. It sounds like a clever idea to wash the wool in a pair of tights, I’d have just chucked the balls in the machine (which probably wouldn’t end well!)

  5. Hi Patchwork Fairy
    Nice to see you’ve taken up the Quillie craft – dying to see how your rug works out. It is addictive isn’t it! Will you post pics up and give me a shout on FB when you are done. I always love to see new Quillies.
    Gill x

    • Hi thanks for stopping by! Yes I love doing the rug so glad I saw you at Wonderwool! Main problem now is getting more raw materials! I will be posting with pics when I finish it so will let you know.

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