Simply Crochet Poncho!

Well firstly let me say thank you to all those who commented last week  – it was really interesting to read different views and I now have a couple of courses to investigate which is good as I love studying!! I’ve managed a bit more on my Simply Crochet poncho but that’s about all this week.

However, this week I have learnt that I will be going into hospital for two lots of injections  – facet joint and nerve root.  I will be sedated so won’t know about them thank goodness and although initially I could be in more pain, within two weeks I could be ok and able to walk and drive again!  I do miss driving – especially to fabric and wool shops and cafes!! I also miss being able to walk upright and like a normal person and for more than a few minutes!  Never thought the day would come when I was looking forward to injections!!!

So this week craft wise I have done a bit more on my Simply Crochet Cowl Neck Poncho and now need to decide what the next few colours should be as there  are only about 6 – 8 rows left to do!!

poncho in various colours

Poncho – not sure about the grassy green wool?

also I’m not sure whether to add another pink row or leave it as just a pop of one?  Any suggestions gratefully received!

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13 thoughts on “Simply Crochet Poncho!

  1. Fingers crossed those injections provide some much needed relief. I love your poncho, I think just the one pink layer makes it stand out some more.

  2. Do hope the injections will give you some relief. There’ll be no stopping you then. I always find it difficult to choose which colour to use next so I’m going to be very unhelpful and ‘sit on the fence’ as I am sure whichever you choose will look fine 🙂

  3. Your poncho is coming along wonderfully, I love all the colours.
    I really looking forward to seeing it completed.
    Good luck with your hospital visit I hope it leaves you pain free.
    Ali xx

  4. Your poncho looks fab and I’m sure whatever colours you choose they will be perfect! Good look with the treatments. Take care. X

  5. After the brown, do the pink, then the green [I like the green] – both of those colours will compliment the pink properly and soften the tone toward the edge of your poncho. As, if it “pops” too much, the “eye” will go straight to the “border” [to stay] and not to the “body” of your work.

    Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with the “Good”-Drugs!

  6. Your poncho is fab, i love all the colours and seeing as you’ve used quite a range i don’t think it matters too much what you use for the last few rows, i think it will look gorgeous whatever you choose 🙂 Best of luck with your injections, i hope you feel tonnes better on the other side! xx

  7. Your poncho looks lovely. I bet it’ll keep you nice and warm.

    As a fellow pain sufferer I wish you all the best for your hospital visit. Being in pain isn’t funny so I’ve got my fingers crossed for you xx

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