April 2015 ATC Swap – “Home”

April has been a mixed month! I’ve been trying to complete things for my new granddaughter’s arrival whilst also taking part in the Very Berry Handmade April 2015 ATC swap – “Home”.  It’s too late to join in this one but if you fancy the idea just keep a look out on the blog for the next one, probably in about 2-3 months.    April is my birthday month and we went to South Wales for a few days which rather slowed me up completing my ATC, especially as after a fabulous few days I went and tripped full length on the car park during a rest stop on the way home!  My arms took most of the fall and luckily I don’t seem to have set my sciatica off again but – honestly – I am a danger to myself!!

Firstly let me show you my ATC – the theme was “Home” and so quite open to interpretation. After a short ridiculously long ‘think’ I decided that I am very happy at home when sitting in front of the window in my craft room, sewing, with a large mug of tea at my side! I hope my swap partner likes it!

fabric applique of sewing machine

my ideal day at home!

As I said, it was also my birthday at the end of this month and so I enjoyed myself whilst watching Create and Craft one day by spending some birthday money (thanks Mum!) on this lovely book by Janet Clare.  All the quilts and embroidery pieces are inspired by nature and it’s a very interesting read as well as really making me want to start one of the projects RIGHT NOW!!

Book of Quilts to sew

Birthday Book

The book has all the information for making your own mixed media art pieces as well as quilts.  There are plenty of instructions, such as for ageing fabric and for applique work and also lots of templates to use as you wish.   Two of the quilts which I really want to attempt first are the “Joys of Spring” and “Nature’s Beauties

Pastel quilt with flowers appliqued

Joys of Spring Quilt


I thought I would make my own version of the nature quilt and this spring season is a good time to start taking some photos for my ideas.  The garden has bluebells growing just now so I think they would make a lovely pretty applique!

Well now I am linking up with Handmade Monday at Lucy Blossom Crafts and I’ve just remembered that I need to finish my HM ATC and send it to Lucy, I wonder how many she has received yet?!!


Are magazines redundant?

Do you still enjoy magazines?  I subscribe to three at the moment and I really enjoy getting them each month.  However, with my own, and pass-ons from my mum, I am building up quite a pile in my bedroom which I thought I would enjoy as bedtime reading and whenever I was poorly.  In reality I haven’t read the magazines nearly as much as I anticipated – what happens is quite often I end up reading online articles and blogs instead and playing Candy Crush 🙂

So are magazines redundant?  Will we all be reading everything on iphones and ipads soon?  It seems that smart technology is affecting our lives in all sorts of ways from communication to heating our homes.  At least digitally downloading a copy of a magazine is under our own control though, whereas receiving printed copies through the post is not.  I didn’t receive the last copy of my Craftseller magazine and they were not very concerned when I contacted them and I though I would  end up missing a month 🙁  (Edit:  The April edition arrived today with a copy of last month’s so they came through in the end!).

So how much longer will people generally carry on buying or subscribing to printed reading matter?  I think I might cut down on some of my spending on printed copies but I can’t envisage giving them up entirely! There is something irreplaceable about hearing the magazine land in the porch and sitting with a cup of tea or coffee and turning over the glossy pages and smelling the print!  – it’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures!    It just isn’t the same sitting down with an electronic pad – and anyway, having a magazine stash works on the same principal as having a fabric or yarn stash – it doesn’t matter how much you have at home, you carry on buying new! So no hope for me!!

I’m linking up with the small blog meet at Lily’s Quilts!



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