Sewing, Sun and a Cup of Tea!

Been a busy week this week making things for up and coming craft fairs throughout the year.  I’ve also taken some more pictures for my portfolio book which once finished will be photographed and uploaded in this blog.   Been really beautiful sunny week too and I have interspersed my sewing with tea breaks and, I had my first cup of tea of the year in the garden again 🙂  I am sure February is the earliest I have ever managed it!  Although I did have my down coat and furry boots on!

snow boot in grey with red upper and black furry inside

snow boots!

These boots are wonderful – good grip in wet/snowy weather and warm to wear! As I have a dodgy knee and need a knee replacement I can’t risk slipping anywhere as then I will be disabled again for a few days and unable to do anything much, let alone sewing!




Here are some ipad and netbook covers I will be putting on folksy this weekend! I only make things in fabrics which I like to look at and feel! I  am currently in a retro/shabby chic phase, having  developed a liking for Cath Kidson prints and flowery fabrics in general.  The exception to this is the cow fabric for my new moo range – more items to come in this!

Netbook cover in black and white patch fabric

Netbook cover in my new moo fabric!

 ipad sleeve using Cath Kidson and Laura Ashley fabric so pink blue and white

ipad sleeve

Pink and White ipad cover in cath Kidson and Laura Ashley fabrics

ipad sleeve

















patchwork mobile fone covers in mixed colours - mainky pink and red.  1 green one and 1 purple one in Kaffe Fassett fabric

‘Phone covers using some Tana Lawn and Kaffe Fassett fabrics.









Here are some of my new mobile ‘phone covers mainly in Tana Lawn fabric which I really like as it’s so soft and the colours are all visually appealing to me.

Actually the Kaffe Fasset fabric has been made into a Kindle cover!

orange fabric kindle cover with green triim and orange button

Kindle cover



This is a Kindle cover which has a retro look – it reminds me of my teenage years in the 70s!!






And now  it’s time for Dancing on Ice and a look at what other interesting things fellow crafters have been doing over at Wendy’s Handmade Harbour!