Creative Craft Show in Manchester

Creative  Craft Show in Manchester! Oh what can I say except it was FAB FAB FAB!  It was a crafter’s dream day out.  Good friend, craft stalls and good coffee!  About half the show was card making and scrapbooking which I like but am trying to stay from away from due to need to do some housework occasionally…         We drooled over some lovely fabric (not literally!) and chatted to some really  nice stall holders about their craft.  I now badly want to learn how to use the Lucet!   I will even hold a workshop day in my house if I can get 9 others to join me and pay a max of £25 to cover the tutor and associated costs!!  If you’d like to come please let me know!!

One lady who we particularly talked with was Lesa from Natural Leigh who seemed very empathic to my friend’s recent troubles and put her hand on her arm in unspoken support.   I sensed the healing touch even standing next to her,  my friend was quite moved.  Before we moved on this lovely lady cut two pieces of her newest charcoal design in the lovely French chambray she sells and gave them to my friend  to make herself something!  She then cut two more and handed them to me saying that I ‘must have gone through it with her’!  We walked away a few minutes later with our fabric scraps and some sweet smelling hemp rope as well!  We felt quite moved and blessed.

So at home this weekend I wanted to make something special from my fabric pieces.  As I turned it round and round in my hand an idea took shape!

French chambray fabric pieces

French chambray fabric pieces

Can you see what I have started to cut it into?


It’s so lovely and soft to the touch I very much want to order some and make something for myself! I am going to treat myself to the rose pink fat quarters I think!

I am also going to see when the next Creative Craft Show is taking place and plan another road trip, but for now I am going on an online trip round the fab craft blogs at Handmade Monday.

Bye for now!